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Simon H. on July 02 2020 - Davida Leather Jacket


Turned up really quickly following my order. Chose Small and Medium to try as unsure of fit. Decided on the Medium as I am a 38 Regular in jackets generally although measure with a tape at 36" chest. The small was fine if wanting a snug race tight fit but the Medium has proved perfect both on and off the bike. Lovely smell, well made, nice quilt lining and great cut. Have experienced no gaping around the neck or waist when on the bike.

Simon H. on July 02 2020 - Davida Leather Jeans


Really please with these jeans. Waist size was accurate and I bought a 30" waist pair which are snug around the waist and backside but the leather will give. No shortening required and great on or off the bike. I'm a 31" inside leg in normal jeans and whilst these are longer they're fine with boots on. Seem well made'.


David R. on Jul 01, 2020Classic Helmet - Green White Red

Wonderful experience and great staff.


Andrew T. Jul 01, 2020 - DAVIDA LEATHER JACKET
I was wanting this jacket for a long time. I could not pass up the opportunity to buy when it was at a reduced price. It is well fitting and comfortable and a stylish jacket. Works well on the bike. I am very pleased with it and would recommend it. I no doubt will be making other purchases with Davida some time in the future. :)

I was impressed with the fitment and the tint color of these lenses. They are very hard to acquire though as they do not run these lenses very often. I had to wait 4 months for the manufacture to make a run of these lenses. The overall quality is very nice.

Nick H on  Jul 01, 2020 - DAVIDA LEATHER JEANS
Excellent quality far better quality leather than expected. Had problem with stud but exchanged immediately immediately couldn't ask for better service .

David V on Jul 01, 2020 - Davida Glove - Grey Leather Shorty
Just what I needed at a price that was excellent??

mike c on Jul 01, 2020 - DAVIDA Ninety 2 Helmet - Black Silver

Good Value Nice Helmet

David Frantony on Jun 29, 2020 - Jet Helmet - Black and Silver

I have a beautiful head so one was in need of a helmet that was made by the Gods. There was only one choice..... 'DAVIDA' So I purchased the 'Jet' It fits like a you're being watched by a loving granny on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It's as quiet as a man hiding in his mistress's wardrobe when her husband comes home early. The quality is from another world that has not yet been found by us mere mortals. But somehow DAVIDA had clearly built a time portal before making helmets to access the materials. Every time I wear the helmet, it's as if my head is being caressed by Angels.

Angelique P. on Jun 02, 2020 - Davida Leather Glove - Winter
I bought them as a gift , but the receiver is very happy with the gloves and excited about the design and perfect leather

David B on Jun 02, 2020
Replacement to an other Davida jet where the lining simply wore out! Takes a while to bed in and following the "How to put on" instructions are a must but after a short period of use bedded in and as good as the helmet before! All top quality and prompt delivery.

Emmanuel B on Jun 02, 2020 - Jet Helmet - Matt Silver Pinstripe

Le casque est d'une finition irreprochable avec un interieur cuir de toute beauté, une insonorisation surprenante. Le produit est beau, quel plaisir de le porter sur ma Bonnie. Un service client au top, qui repond et traite les demandes particulieres rapidement et simplement. Le casque anglais , c est bien le DAVIDA et rien d autre. Un francais heureux de piloter une anglaise en DAVIDA Merci à toute l'equipe.

The helmet is impeccably finished with a beautiful leather interior, surprising soundproofing. The product is beautiful, what a pleasure to wear it on my Bonnie. Top customer service, which responds to and deals with specific requests quickly and simply. The English helmet is the DAVIDA and nothing else. A Frenchman happy to pilot an Englishwoman in DAVIDA Thank you to the whole team.

Sebastian D on Jun 01, 2020 - Paulson Bubble Goggles

This is another addition to my collection of Bubble Goggles. Such a shame they are out of production so I am very happy I got a few more pairs for the immediate future!


Peter E on Jun 01, 2020 - PAULSON BUBBLE GOGGLES 

Came quick, just as described.

Nigel E on Jun 01, 2020 - Classic Helmet - Cream
Excellent good fit very comfortable and quiet

Stephen W. Jun 01, 2020 - Koura Full Face - Replacement Visors
The Davida Koura with the 3mm black visor is great. Visor fits well (better than the thinner version of the clear visor), is great on sunny days and looks cool on the cream helmet. Love it. I was surprised to see Urban Rider found the Koura noisy because I find it one of the quietest helmets I have and quieter than my David Jet. Guess it depends on the kind of bike you ride. On unfaired bikes I find it very quiet.

Ralph C.on May 01, 2020 -  DAVIDA FACE MASK.
Mask looks the business !

Ralph C on May 01, 2020 - DAVIDA CLASSIC
I wanted a retro cafe racer style helmet to wear while riding my R9T Racer on occasion. Very nice finish.

Adrian V on May 01, 2020 - Davida Lightweight Metropolitan Glove - Grey Real Suede Palm / Black Grip

Soft and comfortable, excellent for the warm season.

Adrian V on May 01, 2020  -  Black Leather Liner Kit for Davida Ninety 2 Helmet

After ordering and noticing a mismatch in versions, I received the correct ear liners (I have the old version of the ninety 2). The support team was great!

Graham H. on May 01, 2020 - REPLACEMENT LENSES
very quick delivery, good quality gear,

Stephen P on May 01, 2020 - Davida WRP Visors

Fantastic couldn't have been more helpful I would definitely buy from you again.

Having worn my Speedster V3 a few times felt the fit could be a little better from side to side. Fitted the half sizing kit and now it is perfect. Instructions are easy to follow and quality of kit is good. Recommended.

Malla Laapott  on April 19, 2020  - SPEEDSTER V3
This is the best open face helmet that I’ve ever had. I have a small head and the extra small size fits me perfectly, it also blocks noise very well.

Stefano B.on Apr 01, 2020 Davida Leather Jacket - Men's

Great quality leather and perfectly finished.

Daniel D. on Apr 01, 2020 - DAVIDA KOURA HELMET
I can give this product 5 star!

Daniel D. on Apr 01, 2020 -  HALCYON MK 49 GOGGLES - BLACK LEATHER
It is a great product! A classic one.

Kurt K.Apr 01, 2020 - Ninety 2 Helmet - Black White Check

It is wonderful. Great fit , Great finish. Looks brilliant!

Tom Grill Mar 21, 2020 - Davida Leather Jacket - Men's

I have ordered now three of these leather jackets only because I've been dropping weight (a good thing). This one came in the mail today and I'm glad to report that the quality seems even better than with the last jackets I ordered in the past, and I loved those jackets. I have jackets from Schott and others, but this one is by far my favorite. Top shelf quality and more importantly, a great company to deal with. I will be doing business again very soon. I own several Davida helmets and they are all great.

christian iovanovici on Mar 04, 2020 - DAVIDA KOURA HELMET
An absolutely awesome helmet! Spent a full weekend riding beautiful country roads in Wales in the most foul weather without the slightest problem! ... strong winds, a snowstorm, heavy rain and cold weather, the Koura was light on my neck (awesome aerodynamics!) , visibility was great, no fogging... a pleasure! This’ll probably be the helmet people will collect in 50 years time!

Richard H. on Mar 02, 2020 - DAVIDA MEN’S LEATHER JACKET
Top quality jacket that is a pleasure to wear. It is not overly bulky and is of higher quality than other similar priced jackets

Jose I.on Mar 02, 2020 - Davida Truckers Cap

Muy comoda y fresca, la he lavado y está como el primer día. Very comfortable and fresh, I have washed it and it is like the first day.

Jose I.on Mar 02, 2020 - Aviator Retro Pilot T Series Replacement

Pues la he probado y se ve estupendamente las gafas y las lentes son de verdadera calidad.

Henri-Pierre V.on Mar 02, 2020 - Davida Leather Glove - Winter

I love in Barcelona, Catalonia and figured the only way to get high quality leather riding gloves was to take a spin up to Duty Free Andorra and make a trip out of it. I had a pair of Andorra Police gauntlets but they were so worn at the palms and fingers so I wrr et ny online and found this brand. All leather, sturdy, cool looking, zipper on the gauntlet part, cool ribbing, nice little arrow design on the Velcro fastener on the wrist, the fit is spot on and just yesterday I rode up to Figueras and thought about what a good purchase I made. These will last me 10 years, so the somewhat high price is totally offset by the low cost per wear. You feel the quality and obviously, I’m delighted!



Excellent fit as usual with Davida, really appreciate leather lining and D strap and poppers. Very quiet as leather covers the ears and exhaust noise is minimised. Despite the lack of safety specification for the roads it is actually excellent and I have always felt safe and secure in it. The colour is exactly per 1960's racing practise and a real tribute to a great champion. All in all this sort of helmet is worth considering.



Je suis très content. Le casque est très confortable, il isole énormément du bruits (pots Harley). La fabrication et finition top 🤘👍💪.

I am very happy. The helmet is very comfortable, it isolates a lot of noise (Harley pots). Top manufacturing and finishing 🤘👍💪.



Helmet was perfect fit, very comfortable, surprisingly quiet. I went for this helmet as has low profile so looks more retro in my book nd looks cool on unlike a lot of others that look a bit wallace n grommit. Nice deep voids by ear so can easily fit headphones if needs be. Would recommend to anyone who prefers an open face.



Got these with my ninety2 helmet, work well together, kept dry eyes on every run, no wind leakage etc. Still trying to wear scarf over nose n not steam up, think there is knack so for now scarf only covers mouth n tip of nose otherwise can steam. Might try the Davida face mask as thats shaped around nd might eliminate problem.


having used these gloves last season I would recommend them.
Good quality summer gloves and they have that retro look, well pleased with them.



I ride for 40 years and always had Speedsters.Great to have a EEC compatible Speedster. And it’s also great to have removable inserts for cleaning.


Love the goggles. They look great with my davida speedster 3 helmet. Good quality and very easy to change the lense if you want a tinted one


Very good, quiet at speed, very comfortable.
Would buy another one in the future.



Very good service from Davida



Excellent. Replacement for my previous thirteen year old Davida. Destroyed in a crash. Had no problems with the old one. Had this one a year no problems yet.


Andrew R. Davida JPV Visors


I really like this visor, great clarity and ease of use. When it’s not in the down position it is very secure. It enables you to wear normal I wear underneath. The only negative in my eyes is the helmet looks a bit better without it!



I really enjoy wearing it, it looks cool and I feel cool!
The build quality is excellent and the paint is lovely and thick, on saying that, I head-butted my garage door and that nearly broke my heart as it now has a big scratch!
The leather interior is also excellent!


I was very pleased with my items will definitely shop again to get the real stuff and support Davida.



I purchased the WRS Glasses/Goggles as I was fed up with my glasses steaming up. The WRS kit is amazing and with photo chromatic prescription lenses even better. Being able to replace each part of the glasses is a major bonus to an amazing product too. No more steamed up glasses and a freshen up of parts occasionally to keep things looking sharp. Excellent and highly recommended.



An easy and inexpensive way of giving your Davida helmet a New Look and very easy to change over. Also excellent quality of materials and workmanship as usual. Recommended.



These Glasses look great and really work well with my Davida Ninety Two open face helmet. Excellent value for money also!



If you want an Open Face helmet this is the brand to get. I am really impressed with the quality, style and value for money Davida offer.



Having previously purchased goggles from other suppliers I can only say these are far superior in quality and fit.


on Nov 04, 2019 Davida Glove - Tan Leather Shorty 


Nice glove and will age lovely.Hope the quality/stitching holds out



My best Goggles ever.



Good to be wearing open face again. Quality product



Used these now across a variety of autumnal weathers including in some serious downpours. The Davida description is spot-on, perfect for the cooler days from September on. Beautifully made, these gloves are the most comfortable I've worn in 40yrs of biking. Warm enough, they're autumn perfect but too warm for summer really (like 15+ degrees). I was sceptical of the visor wipe, my previous gloves having a rubber visor wipe blade, but this works fine and the whole glove dries out well after a soaking, the leather seemingly unmarked and with no hardening as with some. The lack of hard knuckle armour is compensated for by some decent padding. Importantly, if your hands don't suit the now dominant style of glove on the market, tight and unforgiving due to the multitude of stitched-in panels and armour, the Davida glove range is just the job. The same points about comfort and quality apply equally to the Davida Shorty gloves I've been using for a year, those being perfect for summer rides. A Davida convert, I just bought the Davida Winter gloves, not cold enough to have tried them yet but my expectations are now high! Top gloves Davida!

In a word or two, love it! My first motorcycle helmet purchase and absolutely no complaints. Super comfy, quiet and great looks getting admiring comments from friends and strangers alike.


Tim R. Oct 01, 2019 - Davida Speedster Helmet

Fits like a glove

Looks great and is very, very comfortable. Love it. Just the thing on my old 1960s bmw.


I love the style of the 92 helmet, also it is very quiet and fits well. As always with Davida, quality is excellent. As the Chairman of Wirral Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club, I always like to buy British and this helmet complements my Barbour jacket when I'm out riding my classic Triumph!


David K. on Oct 01, 2019 - Davida 74 WRS Kit Replacement Parts


Works great and the service is excellent.


brilliant set of goggles wish your helmets were easier to get hold of


These are the best bike goggles you can buy, light, comfortable , room for any glasses under and so so cool



A great purchase and beautifully made. Only remember to buy one size larger than your normal fit.


Alan R.  on Sep 02 2019Black 3 White Lines Davida Jet Helmet

Outstanding helmet

Amazing how comfortable and quiet this helmet is, and the craftsmanship is superb from the brilliant leather lining to the beautiful paint. 👍🏻


Fit, finish and comfort are superb. The materials used are of very fine quality. I use earplugs always as a safety thing these days and being open the lid is a bit noisier than a full face one but I love the 'Free' feeling that this brings alone with the increased width of view. Paint job is damn good. A 5 star product.



Every so often in life you find yourself facing the classic choice: Quality or price

If, like me, you are interested in the quality of the product and the seriousness of the company, well, Davida should be your choice.

Fantastic product, excellent quality and fast shipping, for a reasonable price.

Absolutely recommended.


Great gloves, look good, feel good and perfect for all but winter riding



Helmet is a incredible fits like a glove, i should have bought it long time ago.


Very good. Happy with the Product. I now have two Davida Jet Helmets. I always get asked where did your purchase it.
Beautiful Handmade helmet. 👍



These are the best goggles that I ever bought! Thank you, DAVIDA! from Japan, love.



I like a lot the fitting, still feel a bit of wind in the eyes but it is totally ok.


Good. Does what I expected. Ideal for warm sunny days.


I bought this visor to go with my new speedster helmet they were both bought a the same time they are both excellent I have travelled many miles most recently 1800 miles touring around France last week in very bad weather the visor gives plenty of protection with no fogging I would highly recommend it.



The visor does exactly what it is supposed to do,, fits my bell helmet perfectly. On the negative side, be warned that adjustment while you are riding isn't easy, or safe, so don't...

Brilliant! Great product, great price, dead cool. Complements my Davida helmet perfectly!



I received my new Davida Speedster Helmet last week and couldn't wait to get it out of the box and then the bag. Immediately it fitted snuggly and comfortably and you could see that it was of excellent build quality. I love wearing the helmet as you feel safe comfortable and stylish all at the same time - thank you Davida!


FABULOUS HELPFUL SERVICE! - Immediate dispatch of a replacement part, excellent customer service. Thank you Davida!!


TRÈS BON PRODUIT , LE - très bon produit , le meilleur pour moi , top qualité.



I really should have written this review ages ago, having owned my Jet for over a year now. I ordered the Red/Green/White but wanted a Nubuck lining which is a special request so there was a modest premium.
Apart from looking great, especially with the Nubuck Lining it is the most comfortable helmet I have owned and also the quietest. It has some magic quality for an open face in that it doesnt ride up at speed, I suppose because it has such a good overall fit. Ive coupled it with the JPV visor which works with it perfectly.
Finally a word about Davidas Customer service-Exceptional! I have had cause to ring them twice, on both occasions through my fault , not theirs. Firstly t request a new bag because the drawstring had frayed and secondly just now to order a replacement nubuck chin strap liner. Both times I was dealt with in a friendly positive way with no charge on either occasion- you couldnt ask for more!


The gauges were well packaged and arrived promptly
I bought a pair as a single was not available at the time
They work beautifully with a damped action making them easy to read, and I chose them for this specific feature.
A few minor points are,
1) sets mounted in the red protective folded plate carrier, would benefit from a secondary protective clear plastic screen to prevent scratch marking the gauge glass. (an easy mod.)
2) The single gauge (pictured on the Davida Vacuum pages) clearly depicts Red scale markings to the outside with Black to the inside, but in reality the Black making is to the outside with red inside. (see the multi-gauge style)
3) The proportion of the actual gauge scale size, to the overall face size, is slightly smaller than depicted on the single gauge style which I would have preferred.. as I consider it easier to read quickly (try flicking between the images)

Otherwise quality gauges with great service.


Although the fall weather had elapsed into early winter, the road still called your name. Full face? Leathers? Insulated Gloves? The decision as to what to wear weighed on your mind as you took a hot morning shower...washing off the night before.
As you stepped into the garage, the cold damp air sent a shiver up your spine. God it’s cold out. Your full face helmet, the obvious choice, would keep the wind at bay,....but wait, she may be there, at The Ace...and you needed to look your best. After all, you hadn’t seen her since she left for Nepal over two years ago. Knowing she was the one you let slip away, she wouldn’t slip away again, so reached for your secret weapon, your sparkling Speedster V3 in Cosmic Red Flame...this would catch her eye, she always loved shiny things.
As you pulled into The Ace, the parking lot was nearly empty as only the true bikers were out in this weather. Just as you shut the Bonnie off, you heard the deep rumble of a bike you knew all to well enter the parking lot and pull up beside you. Could it be?....it was....”Her”.
As she got off her bike, she looked at you and immediately recognized your face...she was as beautiful as you remembered, she smiled and said, “Nice helmet...Davida?” “Sure is”, you say with pride. “Coffee?”, she asks, “Absolutely”, you respond. As you walk towards the door, you knew you picked the right helmet for the job, it had caught her eye...now it was up to you to keep it.


These are great addition to the Aviator Retro Pilot T Series goggles and give them a better look and function. Just be aware there is a small

BEAUTIFUL! - All I can say is wow! This this thing is stunning. I ordered a medium and it fits perfectly on my 22.4 cm head. Just got back from a 3 hour ride and no hot spots or rubbing. I was worried that the Davida winged logo would be on the front, but it wasn’t and I was so relieved as I think it would detract from its beauty. I will be ordering another one as soon as I get enough “quid” as you guys like to say. Thanks for making such a wonderful product...definitely worth every cent.


The item arrived promptly, not over or under packaged. The Helmet has an excellent finish, obviously hand finished with care. The lining is a really snug fit and keeps more noise out than my full face. thoroughly recommend


Bought this for riding in the winter, definitely keeps the rain off your face. In the summer you just un-clip it and you're back to an open face!
I prefer it to the fixed-visor version because if you want to have a quick word with another rider you can keep your lid on, just lift the visor up.


Great jacket,very high quality leather, and comfortable too, recommended


GOOD - very good product


Fantastic jacket. Beautifully made. Top quality leather. All positive zips. Really comfortable from day one. Good length in the sleeves. I had to return the first jacket as I miscalculated my size. No problems with Davida exchanging it. I now have a size 40 and the fit is perfect. I've only had it around a year and it is already my favourite jacket. Can't fault anything at all with it. Just wish I'd bought one years ago


I purchased 4 of your helmets last year. Three for me and one for my wife. ,)
At fifty years old I’ve been riding motorcycles for 40 plus years and had many helmets along the way. I never knew what I was missing until wearing a Davida. Quality, comfort, fit and look. The best! When I’m on my vintage bikes the Davida Classic is the only way to go and my Ducati calls for the “Speedster”.
Thanks Davida!, Andrew Harrison, Portland, Oregon.


Better than what I thought, fit is good and no problem wearing over my glasses, looks good also when not in use perched around my Davida lid.


Hello, I live in Japan
I purchased Union Jack Speedster Helmet a year ago.
I like it very much.
Next I would like Mono Union Speedster Helmet.


I prefer to use a Davida open face helmet all year round, but it's cold in winter even with my full Santa beard. This mask is the perfect solution, keeping the wet, grit, flies and cold off my sensitive chops. The leather is soft and supple, it's easy to breathe through and, as an added bonus, it looks cool too. I highly recommend this product and am considering a brown one to match my other helmet.



I changed my Ducati Scrambler which was Sunshine orange and which the guys at Davida had colour matched my helmet and custom painted my name on the back. I changed it for a Triumph Street Scrambler in Khaki. They could not colour match it so I bought the Jet Mashed in khaki and they left the Mashed slogan off it but custom painted my name on the back. Looks amazing and very close match to my bike. I always have a medium (I have five others) this is a little big but is still comfortable. Davida helmets are the best, I wouldn't wear anything else. The service as always is second to none. Everyone at Davida are great and cannot do enough for you.


Owned the Jet for 3 years. It was comfortable from day one.Its so comfortable and quiet and a pleasure to wear.Really like the fact it has a leather liner.Love this helmet so much I’m thinking of buying another one in a different colour! If you want an open face helmet...you will not be disappointed with this purchase.



My new Davida Jet is the very best
It’s made to withstand any test
By the finest Craftsmen in this land
It sports a union jack and does not lack
By delighting in comfort, joy and style
While riding mile after glorious mile
through the shires of England.


Excellent warm comfortable


I’m very glad of my order, quality is excellence, and give me happy :)



Very comfortable from the off, arrived quickly. Visor wipe is patch of suede which is ok for everything except salt encrusted winter visors


The jeans are exactly what I wanted. The fit is the same as the denim jeans I buy. I’ve never been disappointed with any product from Davida.
If you are looking to get a pair of Jeans don’t hesitate getting these.


I have recently purchased this helmet ,and it’s so comfortable,and stunning.I wished I had purchased a Davida helmet years ago,and another great thing is you can change the inner lining too.


Beauty, Personality, Safety and History. All in one! The DAVIDA Ninety 2 helmet is simply the best helmet ever. In my opinion the most quiet open face motorcycle helmet available. And, just like my bikes, MADE IN ENGLAND!! Thanks DAVIDA!! L.S. Belgium.


I purchased the Rox blood red helmet liner for my Speedster V3 Black & Gold pin strip helmet ,Changing it from a very high quality British made helmet .To a stunning piece of art work made in Great Britain and So simple to change the liners.



Gov ai love it onli sing ai mis is the Collor the sud. Ben jello better ven ju driv at night


The Koura is my third Davida and my first full face of any manufacturer so I was a little uncertain when I made the purchase. The ladies at ML show assured me that through careful design and the cool looking vented chin guard it had the feel of a open face when wearing it and not clostrophobic like most full faced,And they were right. Its impossible to fog up in damp weather due to the clever ventilation design. They also provided me with a half sized kit which is great when I wear my balaclava in the winter then in better weather I can custom size it to fit perfectly. Noise and wind is kept to a minimum and the finish is top quality.
This is a uber cool retro looking lid but with cutting edge design that stands out from the run of the mill helmet brands.


Blood fantastic ,even in winter they stay clear .


this helmet is the best i ever had. the delivery was very quickly to austria. the helmet fits perfect and it looks after wearing for a year, like new. a davida helmet is an excellent decision for security and style.


I have used these goggles for hundreds of miles and they are really comfortable, fitting neatly over my glasses. They are far better than my old 'pilot' type goggles I'd worn for twenty years or so! My wife now has some for the summer - with the smoked lens (she wears a full face in the winter). They look cool too, which is always a bonus!!


This is my first venture into Davida helmets, my previous choice has always been Arai helmets. I’m especially fond of RX7s, however these can be noisy, and over a long period of time on the bike can eventually be fatigue inducing. So, I have been looking for an alternative to the Arai, and I have seen Davida several times at various bike shows and shops. What is immediately striking, is the quality of fit and finish to the Koura, luxury! Initial impressions are good, very good fit to my head shape, no pressure points of note. If you’re used to fabric interior, leather will seem strange at first, but is perfect after a few moments in place. The Koura is narrower at the base and is tighter to get on initially,but when my head is inside its a really good fit. Field of vision is good, equal to the Arai. When on the move, the Koura is quiet, no squeal or whistling from on rushing air. Ventilation is fine, but I haven’t tested it in warmer weather yet. The chin area is slightly open compared to an Arai so the visor misting up isn’t a problem. The shape of the Koura reminds me of the Bell Star of the 90s, but is far superior in finish. I have taken a large size in the Koura, compared to a size 57 in Arai.
Well done Davida, a quality product that provides a serious alternative to the top brands at a competitive price. I'm looking forward to a long term relationship with Davida and my new Koura.


Muy cómoda y efectiva (Very comfortable and effective)


Trying this helmet is like driving an Aston Martin. Afterward all other cars seem … so much ordinary
I love this helmet


Probably the best on the market especially when combined with a Davida helmet


Yes very good product very happy with them would defo buy from again


Bought a 92 helmet but was initially disappointed with the fit. Contacted Davida for advice and the customer service team were excellent - helpful and friendly staff on the phone, empowered to quickly address it. The half sizing kit did the job perfectly!


I like open face lids and particular in summer. In May 2018 I was due to make a Europe’s tour on my Guzzi so I decided that I wanted more just goggles for protection from rain but also insects. As my helmet is a Davida I went to their webpage saw it and bought it. In the torrential rain that greeted the start of my tour, it gave good protection. Going down autobahns at 170 kmh it also did the job and happily pulverised 1000,s of insect while remaining stable on my. I’m vain so I am really please how good it looks. An added bonus is that it is also rather nicely made, something that I consider very important. Excellent product!


I was originally sceptical about going to an open face helmet, so my 1st was a non legal one. I have a small head and it felt huge and gave me the classic bobble head look. I found out about davida through urbanrider.com and liked their review of the speedster v3. When I saw the colour way options on offer direct from factory, I knew exactly which i wanted, although I initially bulked at the price tag. However it is a decision I do not regret. The multiple shell sizes means I do not have a bobble head!!! The fit is so comfortable. No pressure points. The materials used have a definite premium feel. It just looks cool, stylish and luxurious.
I have had an issue with the cheek pads though. The first set on the small did not actually touch my face, giving me lots of wind noise. However one of the joys of a company like davida is the customer service, they replaced the cheek pads for XS one and the issue was sorted.
This is my best motorcycle related purchase ever.


These are quite simply the best goggles I've used. They are comfortable on my face, don't steam up, and don't have gas that allow air to enter the eye space. They have an agreeable vintage style, that suites the Davida helmet to a tee.


After many years riding bikes, I decided to venture into open faced helmets. Time to slow down and all such stuff. I have purchased several, erm, cheaper options. Earlier this year I decided to give Davida a go. I've been aware of them for years. Wow, I should of bought this helmet years ago!!!!!! Comfortable, quieter than some of the full faced helmets I've had... I wear it on long trips as well as shorter journeys. I am now converted. Thank you.


Bought these to go with a Davida Speedster V3 in Matt Black, very pleased with the fit and comfort. Great goggles.


Having looked around and tried nearly all brands of open face helmets, I settled on the Davida Speedster V3. The shell size is super small and doesn't make me look like a lollipop. I went for the small and it fits perfectly. The build quality and feel is great.
Glad I went down the Davida route and the old saying "you get what you pay for" is so true.
I went for the Matt black and love it.
I can now hold my head high in this years Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.
Would totally recommend the V3 to anyone wanting a quality low profile open face helmet.


Purchased my second Davida helmet for a trip to London. I Can’t believe how comfy and what great noise reduction this helmet gives, all wrapped up in a stylish looking Lid.

I wear it with my Davida Aviator goggles or my Davida glasses and it gives me super comfort and protection from the Elements on a long ride.

The standard of craftsmanship on these helmets is awesome and represents great value for money compared to other top end mass produced brands.

I can’t see myself ever going back to any other helmet. I’m now saving my pennies for the Koura monochrome Union Jack for next years touring adventures to the Alps and Harley festivals.

Well done Davida, A Great British Motorcycle brand.


An exact replacement for the lens in my older style Scott goggles (finally, after much searching).


Perfect and nice Davida Leather Glove - Mens Racer .


I saw this visor a few years ago when it was introduced, I've worn Davida helmets for the past 12 years.
I was a bit sceptical, I thought at any sort of reasonable speed it would fly off as it didn't look very secure. Wrong! no problem at all and gives great protection whilst still giving great all round vision. Top job people!

QUALITY!- Leather jeans - exactly what it says on the website. Like your favourite denim jeans except these are made out of leather. Everything about them says quality - from the hide used, to the attention to detail in the sewing. They are true to size, maybe a bit small to start, but like all leather will relax after a few hours of wear. Top trousers - well done Davida!


NO RAIN BLURRING! - I got caught in a mid summer rain and hail storm of biblical proportions the first time I wore this visor and it performed excellently. No leaking and I didn't need to swipe it for clear vision at all. The only shock was when in very strong winds a gust swiped it underneath and lifted it up, but it stayed up on top of my helmet rather than blew off. I wonder if in very strong winds goggles would feel less vulnerable? Anyway I bought a clear one and its great for wearing sunglasses underneath. I can recommend this visor for comfort, vision and functionality.


SPEEDSTER V3. THE BEST OF WEARABLE / FUNCTIONAL BRITISH DESIGN - I've been a serious biker for 40 years and i've only just bought my first Davida helmet! what took me so long? I can't say enough about the comfort and expert functionality of this helmet ( & visor). I hardly know I've got it on. I bought it and immediately went off to a rally and rode for approx 20 hrs over 3 days, experiencing all weather extremes, 30+ degs sun & heat, torrential rain and strong winds. The last thing I worried about was my helmet. No rain blurred vision or overheating head, & no helmet lift/wobble or problems! All this while looking cool too! so cool & functional that 6 other chapter members went and bought one themselves!


GREATEST HELMET EVER SEEN- I owned my davida Full Face Koura Helmet for a few days , this helmet completely style and badass it's a mix between England knights helmet and Daft punk.While I ride motorcycle , my head into this Koura helmet that fit to my round head make me feel safe and still comfortable I could breathe easily.
Great Air flow but not much noisy. anyway i'm happy to get one of quality thing in my life , so just go and get it , Riders!!

PERFECT PROTECTION - I have found them to be very usable with all my open face helmets. They cut the wind problem down to almost nothing ,as an added bonus they also have helped with using the intercom microphone. Very easy to push up and down . Would purchase again .


DAVIDA LEATHER JACKET - MEN'S -Very positive experience, elegant, classy and well made jacket at a reasonable price.Exactly what I had expected.


QUALITY GLOVE - Great quality glove, stylish and beautifully made, well worth the asking price. However they are just too small for comfort I am having to sell them on. I have the biggest size ( 3xl ) and reallly need 4xl please make some bigger sizes.....

EXCELLENT QUALITY, UNFORTUNATELY SIZE WAS WRONG - Excellent quality, unfortunately size was too small (42) and did not exchanged it within the return period.

HIGH END PRODUCT AND SERVICE - I have purchased a few items off you both at bike shows and online.
Service from the ladies of Davida was always first class and super professional. And the postage was always prompt.

Love the Brand and what it stands for, and I would always recommend.


SURPRISED!- I don’t know why I had doubts about ordering this, I kind of wanted goggles, but as I wear glasses I thought this JPV visor may be the way go. I am so pleased I did. The fit is superb as is the clarity. Looking through it, it is as though you have nothing in front of you. The vision is simply superb, as is the fit on my speedster V3. I bought this on reading other positive reviews and I too can,Thoroughly recommended I bought this on reading other positive reviews and I too can, !


CLASS- Absolutely superb, a few years ago at a bike show I tried on a DAvida Jet helmet, I had to size up. On this website it said order to size, so I did. This left me a little worried that my Cream Speedster v3 would come up small. I was wrong, 59 cm meant 59 cm, it fits like a glove, perfect. It is incredibly comfortable, no lift or movement and is very quiet. After my first journey I was buzzing. so pleased with my purchase.A real quality cool looking product. If you are reading this, I think you know this already.


Tim on May 19, 2018 - Davida Speedster Helmet
FABULOUS- Just taken delivery of a Davida Speedster. Really great fit. A fraction of the wind noise of my old helmet because it’s so snug and comfortable. Loving the leather lining. These helmets really live up to the hype and if you are on a tight budget, lots of choice in the sale section. Incidentally if you’re one of those people (like me) that finds Bell helmets don’t seem to fit right, give a Davida a go and I suspect it will be spot on. The sizing also seems very accurate. Great service and prompt answers to my tedious queries.


Tom Bullen on May 18, 2018 - Aviator Super Nylsun

COMFORTABLE, SECURE AND STYLISH! -These glasses are a lovely addition to my 92 as they fit very comfortably in the helmet and are very secure without pressing into the head at all. The lenses are easy to change and it’s good to have the three options to choose from. Great value for money and a quality item.


Hugh McNamee on May 18, 2018 - Matt Black Davida Speedster V3

SERVICE REVIEW - The whole experience was professional and efficient, friendly sales person, very helpful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the product, nice varied selection of helmets along with a history of Davida. I knew what I wanted so I don’t think he had to attempt a hard sell!

Helmet fit straight out of the box, the peripheral vision was a revelation compared to my usual Shark Evo 1.
The helmet is surprisingly quiet ? Due to the quality leather lining perhaps which can be independently altered to your specific requirements.

Outstanding service and product, wholly recommended.


Christophe Albert on May 18, 2018 Davida Jet

HAPPY !!! - In France, I was looking for a jet with japanese flag deco. I asked a French brand and the answer was : "Sorry, this scheme is not made anymore, and we have none in the stock : good luck !"... I found another one, made by Davida, but also not produced anymore. Joe, a Davida team member, answered me : "This one ? - Me : Yes !! -Joe : well, not made currently, but if you want it, we can make one for you..."
So now I wear my fantastic "Japanese flag" Davida Jet, the quality is perfect, and the helmet is beautiful. Huge thanks to Joe and the Davida team, I'm so happy !!! ✌✌✌🍻🍻


Charlie Hoyle on May 13, 2018Davida JPV Visors

ALTERNATIVE TO GOGGLES- Great bit of kit if you wear glasses as goggles can be a little awkward. Looks great and doesn't spoil the lines of my jet helmet.


Charlie Hoyle on May 13, 2018Black, Silver Flames Davida Ninety 2 Helmet

PERFECT- Can't fault this helmet, I own two Davida helmets, a ninety two and a jet. out of the two this is the one i prefer as I wear glasses and although the jet is also a superb helmet it is a little tight on the temples if you wear spectacles or sun glasses. The ninety two however isn't as heavily padded on the sides, problem solved. Fit is spot on I measure 59cm so need a large, fit out of the box was good and used part of a half size kit for that perfect fit. Helmet does not lift at speed and manufacturing quality is superb as you would expect from Davida, what more can a say.


Steve Binns on May 13, 2018Davida Leather Jacket - Men's

12 MONTHS REVIEW - Very tempted to buy another at the sale price! However this one will see me out. Easily my most comfortable jacket ever, felt like an old friend from day one and,if anything, is better after a year and 5000 miles. Stitching,zips, leather all top notch, I can't see how anyone would not be delighted with this jacket which has finally cured my Leather Jacket Acquisition Disorder.


GREAT GOGGLES- Compared to other classically styled googles, these offer much greater visibility thus making them much safer. I have to wear glasses when I ride, and all glasses I own fit inside these goggles.
I use these with my good old speedster 1 helmet size L, and the fitment is a bit tight.


DAVIDA FACEMASK MARK 2- After many years of wearing full face helmets, I’ve gone back to wearing an open face helmet, scarf and goggles. I was looking for a little more protection against rain and bugs than a woolly scarf and thought I’d try out Davida’s universal Face mask.
The service from Davida was superb and my face mask arrived here in New Zealand, just 5 days after placing the order.
I’m very impressed with the superb stitching and pleased with the quality of the leather.
I’ve worn it several times now on long rides and find it cool on warm days and warm when the wind chill gets up; a nice alternative to a scarf.
I wear prescription glasses and aviator T2 goggles, which on occasion, steam up when stationary and goggles pulled down over the mask to keep the wind out. Goggles and glasses clear as soon as I set off so it’s not an issue.
There is a gap between the face mask and my T2 goggles which leaves my cheek bones exposed to the elements. I’m hoping that Davida will make a Mark 3 which covers the cheek bones giving full face protection.
I have a small head and find that the strap is a little on the big side, although not an issue.
Would I buy another mark 2 face mask? Yes.
Would I buy a Mark 3 face mask? Most definitely!
If you wear an open face helmet, then you need a Davida universal face mask.



COMFORT AT LAST- After years of badly fitting helmets I bought a Davida jet and what a perfect fit, no more wind noise and lifting off my head over 50 mph. Next purchase was a GOV visor so I can ride in all weather with normal glasses on. Also have the shorty gloves which add to a comfy ride and even keep water out when I have been caught out by good old British weather :-)

SHOCKED!! - Received my new Ninety Two today, first impression before opening the box was how light it was even in the packaging,(superb by the way).
Lid in hand its super quality finish, light and looked so small compared with all my other lids. you tend to think this is never going to fit??
Once on it fits like a glove, not a single pressure point,(lovely).
Used on my trip to work tonight. Now I have a loud Thruxton! and it seems very quiet, slight wind noise but not half as much as any I've used, I'm sure its nearly as quite as my full face, very impressed. 30 miles in and I'm loving it. I couldn't recommend it highly enough. I'm Shocked how good this lid is, thanks for a great lid!


PERFECT FIT, FORM AND FUNCTION -Being a glasses wearer, I deliberated long and hard wether to invest in goggles or a visor and guided by the other reviewers here, went for the GOV Visor. Its incredibly well made, optically perfect and complements my Speedster helmet well. Although it just straps on, it stays in place and is easy to move up and down. Unhindered full field of view it provides good protection coverage but you still get that wind in the face experience. Its incredibly good value at full price but with £10 discount its an absolute bargain!

PERFECT FORM AND FUNCTION- Having admired and desired a Davida helmet for years, the stars aligned when I took delivery of my CCM Spitfire and my wife said you cannot ride that in your old helmet! My new Speedster helmet complements the bike perfectly. The quality of paint finish flawless and the leather lining sumptuous. The fit is excellent, there is no lift just as claimed and its quiet which after my last helmet is a revelation and impressive for an open face! However, whats most interesting is that even non-bikers at work have said what a cracking helmet it is!

In summary perfect form and function combined with quality materials and British - I love it!


DAVIDA LEATHER JACKET - MEN'S- Great jacket, good fit and ideal length to sleeves and warm enough for winter too.


Ian M. on May 01, 2018 -Aviator Retro Pilot T Series Replacement Lens

AVIATOR REPLACEMENT LENSES - I bought the Aviator lenses as replacement for the originals , really happy with them, they're easy to install and make my goggles look fab.


Steve G. on May 01, 2018 -AVIATOR PILOT T2 GOGGLES

AVIATOR GOGGLES .Very cool and functional goggles, easy to order and delivery on time!


Fergus on Apr 27, 2018 - AVIATOR PILOT T2 GOGGLES

BIG DAY OUT.. Did 125 miles last Saturday in the wonderful sunshine. First try-out for my T2 goggles with my Speedster V3...delighted with the comfort and fit...as good as my old Uvex goggles I used as a courier 40 years ago..


Pete Tags on Apr 21, 2018 - DAVIDA SPEEDSTER MATT BLACK

LID OF THE CENTURY! - 1001% the best open face helmet you will ever have!
It's So comfortable even after many many hours riding, fits nice and snug without any rubbing or pinch spots and as well as that you will Never find a more quiet open face helmet!
Do yourself a big favour and get one I promise you won't be disappointed. Tags


Simon Rixon on Apr 16, 2018 - DAVIDA SHORTY GLOVE TAN

GREAT SUMMER GLOVE- I'm delighted with these leather shorty gloves, crafted in a fetching light tan leather. I haven't had them long so haven't yet worn them for long but the finish quality and fit is superb. The fit is accurate to the Davida sizing charts, good to know. Very stylish and a great, high quality British specialist item, these gloves are just the job for the spring just sprung and the promising looking summer to come.



CLASSIC COOL- For many years I've wanted a Davida Classic helmet. I corresponded with Joe Kirkham about a Classic model which wasn't in range and he was able to do just what I wanted. With a lengthy set of emails about which size to order, I made the purchase and within a couple of weeks I had my Davida Classic in the States. Joe did a great job of helping me with the sizing and purchase as the helmet fits perfectly. I'm impressed with Davida! Definitely a company with customer care in mind. I'll be doing some more business there as a nice set of goggles seems appropriate for my new Classic. Thanks again Joe, and thanks to Davida for building classic beauties!


Mark Little on Apr 16, 2018- DAVIDA LEATHER JEANS

GREAT JEANS- Lookng to buy a new pair of leather jeans and as I had a jacket, gloves, and goggles of yours already and was impressed by their quality, I decided to get yours.
I ordered a pair the same size as the denim jeans I wear and they fitted perfectly, so comfortable to walk and ride in. They are now my 1st choice to wear when riding. Thanks for yet another excellent quality product.


Gary Nesbitt on Apr 15, 2018DAVIDA LIGHTWEIGHT GLOVES

WORTH A GO !- Bought a pair of these to bulk out a sweatshirt purchase and they are great. Extremely good quality and comfortable round town.....not sure if they'll last a lifetime but I love them. I would keep them on the bike or in bag as pair to wear for short trips round town. They are light and pack up "small". I will be getting some more when they wear out!


Onno "Berserk" Wieringa on Apr 16, 2018 - DAVIDA SPEEDSTER V3 HELMET

SPEEDSTER TESTED FOR LONGER PERIOD OF TIME- Now riding again in the USA, road trip from California to Las Vegas and from there to Arizona Bike Week in Scottsdale, AZ. Very cold in the morning, very hot during the day. Every day the weather conditions changed, we even had rain one day! But when it's soooo f*ckin' hot, a helmet starts to irritate. Sweaty, tight, and uncomfortable. But NOT with the Speedster 3, (to my surprise, to be honest!) riding long, long days even through Death Valley, did not cause me any irritation! And believe me, I have ridden many miles with many helmets, but the Speedster 3 is for sure one of the most comfortable ones! Thanks for that Mr. Davida!



TICKS ALL THE BOXES. After years of wearing a Jet I finally decided to go for a 92. I love the low profile shell and how it made my head look like it had just shed a few pounds! It’s incredible how quiet it is when you consider that it is a slimmer helmet design.
As with all Davida products the quality is exceptional and the staff are fantastic. I needed some additional help with my order and the staff from front desk through to sales were superb. Very happy with my new helmet!


Todd Domenget on Apr 14, 2018- DAVIDA CLASSIC CREAM

PUDDIN' HEAD- Call me 'puddin' head' but these Pudding Bowl helmets are dear to me. Very retro and comfortable! Davida is the only place that still takes these helmets seriously. Get 'em while you can!


Bob Sizeland on Apr 13, 2018 – DAVIDA JET BLACK AND SILVER

JET, TRIED AND TESTED- I have been using these helmets ever since my days with the White Helmets display team. Now, everybody quite rightly sings their praises for the likes of comfort and build quality, they really are second to none. However, are they any good in a crash? The short answer is YES! As I said, I was with the display team for a number of years and have to admit to not being the most talented of riders. Put simply, I owe a lot to the strength of this helmet. I have had a number of 'incidents' during high speed crossover rides during displays and have emerged uninjured, or at least my head was OK. I am now riding a Norton 961 on the road and always use my Jet. I recommend them to anyone.


Marcel Brugman on Apr 11, 2018 – DAVIDA JET GLOSS BLACK

ABSOLUTELY TOP, VERY COMFORTABLE - I wear the Davida Jet helmet for 2 years now. Absolutely top, very comfortable! And low noise. With the leather insert it makes it very comfortable along the cheeks, wind cannot get in, even not at high speed.

anthony b. on Apr 04, 2018 - Davida JPV Visor 

CRYSTAL VISION - Perfect for the all round vision and looking good

Paul Atkinson on Mar 31, 2018 - DAVIDA 92 HELMET GLOSS BLACK.

Back into classic biking with a ‘57 BSA. The 92 is perfect. Looks the part with the Aviator goggles. Beautifully made, very quiet and with replaceable leather inside should last as long as the bike. I love it.

Roy Quiroga on Mar 30, 2018 Davida Leather Jacket - 

THANKYOU - Just wanted to say a big thank you for my leather jacket.
I had to return it twice to get the sizing right from a 50 to a 46,i do also have a RST jacket with full armour and that's VERY snug in a size 48 which through me out.
Please extend my gratitude to all the staff at Davida for their patience and help in getting me exactly what I wanted, a high quality jacket I can wear on and off the bike.

isabeaux on Mar 29, 2018- LUNETTE DAVIDA 74 WRS

Après essais,rien dire. Super lunette. Merci.

Mark Coulson on Mar 28, 2018 - MATT BLACK NINETY 2, COOL AS ......

I had been considering a Davida open face for a while since experimenting with a cheap open face on my Electra Glide. The Glide has since gone but I loved the feeling of riding without being closed in and feeling free.

Anyway I went to my local dealer (Hermod in Gateshead) who were most helpful in letting me try all the Davida range and I settled on ordering at Ninety 2, Matt Black. The surprise was the sizing. I could get a really good fit in the other helmets and the fit of the Ninety 2 was the best I had tried. I normally take a medium (57-58) but by chance I read another review which said try a small. I did and the fit was great. not only that, for looks I went down a shell size so no Spaceballs for me.

I ride a BMW R1100RT so I do have a nice big fairing , however, I can honestly say the ride was quieter than my Schuberth C3 which I found surprising and with my squidgy earplugs in way quieter than the Schuberth. There is also no lift and my Aviator T2's go great with the helmet combined with my Barbour International gear.

I have been out riding in the winter with the helmet and have had no issues, it is comfortable, light and airy compared to the full face you can almost forget it's there, it saves a load of hassle at filling stations and a much more friendly option to other people.

Anyway, suffice to say I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend Davida to anyone who asks


A POEM- There you are babe. After years longing for a Davida Jet, finally, wow, there you are, babe. That´s not just a helmet, that´s history, tradition, community, quality, beauty,...that´s a poem.



QUALITY HELMET - Had for about three years quiet and comfortable from the off. A van drove into me last week, battered and bruised but the helmet saved my life will buy a replacement when the insurance comes through.



BEST JET EVER - i ride motorbike since 1998. this helmet was my first jet helmet ever. buyed 2013 by british parts in switzerland. first he's pinching like new pair of shoes. after a while of wearing he becames like a pair of finche. my recommendation: best jet ever!


QUALITY AND WORKMANSHIP ARE SECOND TO NONE - Been riding nearly 40 years and never got on with full face helmets, my Mum got me one when I was 17 and I gave it to the Girlfriend. First saw your products at the Stafford show, & I fell in love with it. Its the only helmet I have got and the only one I use. I have owned it for about 18yrs and love it to bits. I got your sunglasses for eye protection and the leather face guard for when it rains, it's brilliant, feels like I haven't got one on. Quality and workmanship are second to none and 18yrs ownership and use just prove it


DAVIDA LEATHER GLOVE - MEN'S TOURING I bought a pair of these gloves while riding in Georgia one year ago. They were perfect choice for early spring and early autumn rides from Tbilisi to Batumi. Soft leather allows me to feel the controls of the bike whilst offering a reassuring level of warmth and protection. The gloves are a high quality product and good value for money. Alen


Martin Forey on Feb 22, 2018 - GREEN WHITE RED DAVIDA JET HELMET

BRITISH- Saw at last year's London Motorcycle Show & decided "that's the one for me".
Read the reviews on the website & there wasn't a bad one there...add the fact that it's a British made product & I was a convert.
The quality is as good as & in some cases better than the Japanese competition and far more unique in their designs & overall 'feel'.
I also have to praise the fit & the resultant reduction of wind noise which makes this the ONLY open face I've used which removes the necessity to wear ear plugs.
If you want a viable alternative to the Far Eastern options & don't want to be part of the "lemming crowd" just try one & you'll be a convert.


Dionne C. on Feb 21, 2018 - Davida JPV Visors

JPV VISOR- This is my second JPV visor the first lasting approximately 3 years before finally cracking around the rivets. Over all a really good visor, it fits on my old Jet lid nicely and deflects the rain beautifully. All in all my most favourite lid and visor out of the few that I own. Solid products by a good personal British company. All the best.


Philip J. on Feb 21, 2018 - Black 2P Orange Stripe Davida Ninety 2 Helmet

Superb- My third Davida. Quiet, comfortable and great quality. I wouldn’t buy any other make now.


Nigel Fletcher on Feb 21, 2018 - Matt Black Davida Ninety 2 Helmet

FAB SERVICE - I'd just like to thank the guys at Davida Helmets. I bought a '92' helmet at the NEC show 2015, wearing it through the 2016 yr sometimes my ears were a bit cramped especially if wearing earphones for music.... I spoke with Sue Kirkham at the NEC show a few weeks back about my thoughts that it was still very tight... She arranged to send me new cheek / ear pads from the new 'V3' helmet which are softer foam and an aperture for the ear. I received them over the weekend, fitted them and the helmet seems way better already. It won't be out till after worst of winter but I'm sure my ears won't be burning in 2017.
Davida seem a fabulous company to deal with and customer service really is top notch!!
So thank you very much and a merry Christmas to you all.

Phil Rendle on Feb 21, 2018 - Davida Leather Glove -Touring

TOP QUALITY PRODUCT - I bought a pair of these gloves for my son ready for his CBT later this year. The gloves are a top quality product. Beautiful supple leather which allows him to feel the controls of the bike whilst offering a reassuring level of protection. He wanted something that looked classic too and whilst this is secondary to safety, they fit the bill perfectly.
As a parent and you want reassurance that what you buy for your kids is the best for quality and value for money and these gloves give me that.


Melle on Feb 21, 2018 - Matt Black Davida Jet Helmet

AND EVERYTHING JUST WENT SILENT. Just bought my first Davida helmet, these cannot be compared to anything else, so much better in noise cancelling, the way it just sucks around your head. Absolutely brilliant. The moment i tried it on, I tried to speak to the guy who owned the store, i told him “wow, this is really tight, i can’t hear the stuff I’m not supposed to hear”. So he told me, “you’re voice just went up an octave, the noise cancelling seems to work”.
My next one (once I need one) won’t be the dull mat black but one with flames or the 8ball.


Jason Salmon on Feb 08, 2018 - COSMIC FLAKE DAVIDA JET HELMET

COSMIC FLAKE BLUE REALLY IS COSMIC! I bought a Jet Cosmic Flake Blue helmet at the Birmingham bike show in 2014. I wanted a Blue Metal flake helmet, and there it was! It is so comfortable and precision made by hand in the UK. The materials used are pure quality. It just feels indestructible and so quiet!
The team at Davida are incredibly helpful. They even gave me the paint number so I could get my Harley sprayed the same colour!


Rod Young on Feb 06, 2018Black Silver Davida Speedster Helmet

BEST HELMET I EVER OWNED - I got my Speedster 10 years ago. I ride every day, although I do have other lids. This one is the most comfortable and the quietest ever. Vision is superb too. The quality is outstanding. With an occasional clean, the interior is as good as it was 10 years ago. Also, the folks at David are really lovely, helpful people. If you want an open face, just get one today. I would. Next up for me is the new Speedster. One day.


adrian hingston on Feb 04, 2018 - Black Gold PS Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet 

AMAZING COMFORT - Two words "simply beautiful" If you are looking at a retro helmet look no further quality and comfort you'll find nowhere else. Simply the very best you can buy. Both my girlfriend and myself have these helmets and love wearing them
want to give them 10 stars



Ducati Dave on Jan 20, 2018 -Cosmic Flake Silver Red Flames Davida Ninety 2 Helmet

AWESOME RIDING 2000 MILES IN HOT DRY CLIMATE - Measured head & ordered Ninety 2 Cosmic Flake Silver Red Flames in August 2017 (through Infinity Norwich, thanks Bob!) and got mine nicely in time for my September 2017 Wild West Tour with BT4TW (Bike Tours For The Wounded)
2000 mile round trip in four states starting in Las Vegas in 40c heat on a Metallic Red Can-Am Spyder made this look and feel very special! Build quality; outstanding. Image; priceless!
Thanks Davida for helping to make 2017 a very memorable 25th Wedding Anniversary year for me and my wife!


Ismo Sutinen on Jan 17, 2018Black 8 Ball Davida Speedster Helmet

I recieved helmet yesterday. Riding my Harley with new tones of sound. Smiling ear to ear... No more def making wind sounds and engine noise. Riding comfort is at new level now.

Thank you very much.... Paying for good quality always pays back

Roger Snell on Jan 14, 2018Silver Mono UJ Sides Davida Speedster v3 Helmet 

GREAT PRODUCT GREAT SERVICE. I ordered online from Thailand. Arrived in three days! Incredible service and beautiful helmet. Fits and looks so much better than other makes. The sound deadening is better than my Arai full-face helmet too......

Ines.C. on Jan 3rd, 2018 - Davida Jet

The most beautiful & comfortable & trendy helmet ever. I feel safe & cool every  morning I put it on


JESUS TORRES on Dec 24, 2017 - Davida Leather Glove - Winter

The best winter gloves Very comfortable, extraordinary quality, warm, a good choice


Ray Vernon on Dec 06, 2017 - Black Silver Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet

EXCELLENT SERVICE AND QUALITY .I ordered a Speedster v3 at Motorcycle Live and I just wanted to say that I am delighted with both the service and the helmet- the ladies at the show were very helpful in getting me the right fit, to my surprise I needed a large but with the thicker ear pieces . They were included with the helmet which arrived only 2 days after the show. The quality of the helmet is excellent and the service is second to none. Thank you !


Kev Wilson on Dec 04, 2017 - Silver Mono UJ Sides Davida Ninety 2 Helmet

BIKE SHOW BUY SILVER MONO UJ SIDES DAVIDA NINETY 2 - I bought this at the NEC bike show this year, 2017, saw it on the stand, thought the colour scheme was great and had to have it. The staff there were so helpful when picking the right size and purchasing it and I was promised a delivery date on the Friday (bought Wednesday). When it arrived, as promised, well packed and protected, what a fit. I usually have to mess about with different padding to get it right but not this, perfect fit out of the box. The finish is flawless and when wearing it, it is really quiet. I bought the smoke bubble visor at the same time and together they look a treat, but, to finish it off I later bought a pair of T2 goggles (suits it as well). All in all the best experience I've ever had buying a helmet, the people really seemed to care and took time to get the right fit. I will recommend to my bike riding mates.


Christof Lörcher on Dec 04, 2017 - Black Silver Davida Speedster Helmet

SERVICE / REPLACEMENT CROWN KIT. Thank you so much much for sending me the replacement crown kit for my speedster helmet. It dropped in within only a couple of days. This exchange part seems to be a real improvement to the serial part that has been put in before. Even that the satin is now sewn in a 3D-way will make it fit much more precisely than the old one that was just a plain piece of cloth. I am really happy about this quick and uncomplicated service. Really well done. Thanks a lot again. Have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas time. Sincerely Christof


PATRICE M. on Dec 03, 2017 - Cream Wheels And Waves 2016 Davida Jet Helmet

WHEELS AND WAVES HELMET. This helmet is just "magnifique", a little bit tight at the beginning but it should be more comfortable as far as I use it, even with my glasses. Thank you for crafting such a product. Sincerely yours. Patrice MAURY


David Mathers on Nov 25, 2017 - BLACK , SILVER DAVIDA JET HELMET

3 YEARS IN AND GETTING BETTER. I bought my blue and silver Jet 3 years ago at the NEC Motorcycle show on a whim. I had always fancied an open face for those beautiful lazy sunny days of which we get so many in the UK :-)

I had looked at all makes but Davida was clearly a "proper piece of kit" and given the British manufacturing angle as well was the obvious choice. It looked the biz and with the leather and silk interior it felt great. I took the advice of the lady on the stand and went for a size that I thought was maybe a bit too snug but she was adamant that was best to ensure it was lift free and quiet. She was right.

I have used it on all of my long European tours in the last 3 years only carrying a Bob Heath visor to clip on for the odd day it's been raining. I was in 38 degrees C in Spain in August this year and it was so good not to be stuffed into a bulky full face or feel the windage and top heavy feel of a flip up.

On the subject of safety I feel much more aware with my face out in the breeze. My bike has a great screen and it is possible to ride in town without goggles - I do wear glasses so get some protection - which gives great peripheral vision. When the speeds increase I pull my goggles over the peak to get complete eye protection with clear unobstructed forward vision.

All in all I would say if you are tempted by an open face don't hesitate to go for the Davida Jet. It fits better now than when I first got it and it doesn't look like it will wear out.


Jonny L. on Nov 25, 2017  - 92231 - BRG White Davida Ninety 2 Helmet

Looks Great, Feels Safe. Love it.... lots of admiring looks, sadly not at my face but at the lid. Very stylish and goes well with my Triumph Thruxton. Definitely a satisfied customer.


Simon Warriner on Nov 20, 2017 - Davida JPV Visors

EXCELENT VISOR. After speaking to the lady on the Davida stand at Motorcycle live who had done many miles testing the JPV visor i decided to give one a try. I purchased the lightly tinted one which looks great on my silver and black Jet helmet.
On my ride home from the show i got caught in torrential rain on the A14, the visor was faultless, it kept the rain and spray out, does not move or rattle at speed or fog up and makes an already very quiet helmet even quieter.
Davida Wonderful people Fantastic products.


Alan Hill on Nov 12, 2017-Black Silver Davida Classic Helmet

CLASSIC CUSTOM I recently bought my classic similar to this but had the design customised somewhat based on this one. The quality of the finish of my new customised Classic is simply outstanding, it surpassed my expectations despite already owning a Jet and another Classic helmet. The helpfulness of the staff during the process was also excellent, helpful guidance and courteous communications. Highly recommended.



COOL . Better than I ever imagined. Cool Cool David's rule.


Keith Harradence on Nov 02, 2017- Davida Leather Glove - Racer

STYLE MEETS QUALITY. Wow! These gloves are of the highest quality leather and construction. Well worth the price. Mine have "DAVIDA” embossed in the leather by the zipper which, in my opinion, make them look better than the picture on the website.


BRIAN A. on Nov 01, 2017- Leon Jeantet Aviator Retro Pilot T Series Replacement Lens

PILOT REPLACEMENT LENSES -High quality that you expect from this company. Easy to fit. Highly recommend.


Alan Hill on Nov 12, 2017-Davida Full Face KOURA

I also passed by the Davida stand at EICMA 2017 and tried the new full face Koura, the aggressive styling might not be to everyone’s taste and I was slightly concerned that it would not be an easy helmet to put on and still retain the close Davida comfortable fit but I was pleasantly surprised to experience that the fit is exceptional even on the display models basically, it fits like a Davida should.


Jim Veall on Oct 24, 2017 - Silver Davida Classic Helmet

THE ACID TEST - 26 years ago I t-boned a Rolls-Royce while wearing one of these fantastic helmets. It probably saved my life given the gouges in the fibreglass. I now wear a Jet for daily riding but I’ve every confidence that if put to the test again, my head would still be safe.


Onno "Berserk" Wieringa - Madness Photography on Oct 23, 2017 - Black White Check Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet

LOVE IT TO BITS! I've been riding since spring this year daily with the new Davida Speedster 3 in Europe and the USA, using it in various conditions, from blistering heat waves in California to extreme cold weather in Europe, and I love it to bits.
No doubt the new Davida Full Face helmet will be as good and comfortable.


Brian Bradwell on Oct 17, 2017 - Davida Leather Glove - Winter

WINTER COMFORT. I’ve been trying out these winter gloves for a while now, they are excellent so far, Firstly they are very comfortable with the articulated knuckle joints, so this makes them easy to wear and grip the bars without fighting the shape of the glove, even though they are very well padded, they have been very warm and held out some heavy rain on a long trip. I love the way the gloves can be pre adjusted around the wrists to fit perfectly then removed using the zip without undoing all the settings that make them fit so well. They appear top quality both in material and construction and far better than some much more expensive gloves I've used. Very happy with them - So much so my other gloves haven't seen the light of day since I got these.


David Armstrong on Oct 17, 2017 - Davida T-Shirts Black with White Davida Wing Logo

WING LOGO T SHIRT. Top quality T Shirt, feels soft and instantly comfy which I find unusual when buying a new shirt, normally takes a good few washes to feel good. I’m a large and fits spot on according to sizing guide


Glenn Creelman on Oct 06, 2017 - SILVER DAVIDA JET HELMET

BEST HELMET I'VE EVER OWNED - I've been riding bikes for over 40 years. The Jet is the best helmet I've ever owned in terms of fit, comfort, build and lack of noise. Well done Davida folk, truly a beautifully made piece of kit!


Christian H. on Oct 06, 2017 - Halcyon Goggle - Replacement Headband Deluxe

SPARES ARE IMPORTANT.  Very Good service.


Tony v. on Oct 03, 2017 - Climax 510 Square Pear Goggles

I was very pleased to receive the item. Excellent!


Steven Taylor on Oct 02, 2017 - Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet

SPEEDSTER V3 SMALL SPECIAL. I bought a Triumph Thruxton, in Brooklands Green with a gold wide stripe. A friend said give Davida a call, they might make one for you to match the bike.... I did and they were extremely helpful, made an exact match, I am delighted, and for a small extra charge!!
Now that I have used it, it is the best helmet I have ever owned in the last 52 years of riding, absolutely love it. It fits nice and snug, very thin profile, and great noise reduction at speed. Am going to buy their Goggles now.


Michael W. on Sep 29, 2017 - Pilot T Series Replacement Lens

AVIATOR RETRO PILOT T SERIES. First class product. Cool goggles,always clear view..


David Armstrong on Sep 18, 2017-Leon Jeantet Aviator Retro Pilot T1 Goggles - Black Leather

T1 GOOGLES AND MY NINETY TWO . Absolutely delighted with my new look, super cool after a few quick adjustments, before which my kids thought I looked like something from Wallace & Grommet! Great interface between the Goggles and helmet and strap is held nicely in place with the helmet rear press stud. Very comfortable soft leather fits snugly to my face and keeps the wind out. Beautiful crystal clear high grade lenses. A winner!

Martin on Sep 05, 2017-Matt Black Davida Jet Helmet

LE CASQUE QUI VOUS OUVRE LES PORTES D'UNE AUTRE DIMENSION C'est incroyable mais vrai !Depuis que j'ai acquis un Jet je ne peux plus m'en passer : les sensations de la route sont vécues en direct et le bonheur à moto en est décuplé, que du positif.... ah oui, ne pas oublier le comfort et la légèreté ... on oublie presque le port du casque :-)En conclusion : n'hésitez pas sur l'acquisition de ce casque !


 Raoul on Sep 04, 2017- Black, Silver Davida Jet Helmet

Gone is the turbulence -Just got it for 4 days now: Wow. Gone is the turbulence! I own a C3 pro but turbulence was some pain. Now that is (almost) gone! The Davida is quieter even! Love the feel of the leather. The chinstrap however I will have to get used to. It is kind of sharp on the edges without a cushion around it. My neck is more burdend some how. Maybe this is because the Davida Jet is more open at the back of my neck. The light smoke visor I bought with it is doing its job perfectly.


Chris Biss on Aug 29, 2017Davida PMX Goggle

DAVIDA PMX GOGGLES - Compliments perfectly my new Speedster 3 helmet. The goggles fit very well and look great especially with the smoked replacement lens. They are light-weight and give a clear, wide field of vision. Strongly recommend these goggles.


Ben Knibbs on Aug 29, 2017Davida JPV Visors

PERFECT VISOR TO GO WITH NINETY-2 - I love this visor. It doesn't spoil the look of my beautiful gloss black Ninety-2 but it keeps the wind out of my eyes perfectly! Easy to take off if I want to use sun glasses instead. So much better than a full face for not fogging or getting hot. Great for a summer country ride. A must-have.


Simon Armstrong on Aug 29, 2017Davida JPV Visors
A TRANSFORMATIONAL VISOR - I have used an open face helmet with an integral drop down visor from another manufacturer whilst riding my 70s Ducati and Moto Guzzi. However, having always hankered after a Davida Jet I recently invested in one along with goggles. Unfortunately as a wearer of glasses I just couldn't get along with the goggles. Having noted the very positive reviews on the Davida JPV visor I thought it was worth a try. It has transformed the use of the helmet, and is every bit as good as an integrated visor if not better, as it can be easily removed for cleaning. Another beautifully made Davida creation. 

john on Aug 30, 2017Matt Black Davida Jet Helmet

I LOVE THIS HELMET- I've had this Helmet for over 10yrs. It's in superb condition and is still quieter than most full face helmets.


John Dunstan on Aug 29, 2017 - Gloss Black Davida Jet Helmet

WHITE HELMETS LEGACY - Really impressed, If you can afford it, but still sitting on the fence undecided.... I don't think you will regret buying one.


David Armstrong on Aug 28, 2017Black Silver Davida Ninety 2 Helmet

MY NINETY 2 -  It's a top quality English product and I get excited every time a go for a ride. Brilliant!


Bart on Aug 28, 2017Halcyon Mk 8 RAF Goggles - Brown Leather

TOP NOTCH! Very good quality. You notice the care that was taken by the manufacturer when you are wearing these goggles.


David Boole on Aug 28, 2017Matt Black Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet

BEST LID I OWN - Highly recommend this comfortable retro helmet. Now point me to a nice jacket please and gloves please.


Carl Buckley on Aug 27, 2017Leon Jeantet Aviator Pilot T3 Goggles - Black Leather 

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR - you get what you pay for!Just do it, the enjoyment will far outlast the payment.


 Carl Buckley on Aug 28, 2017ROX Blood Red Leather Liner Kit for Davida Speedster V3 THE RIGHT CHOICE -  Davida is where it's at and we should be proud of English manufacturing.


 Carl Buckley on Aug 28, 2017Black, Silver Flames Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet

 ENGLISH CLASS -  More an ornament than something to use!


Jo on Aug 27, 2017 - Davida PMX Goggle EXCELLENT -  Great look, too!


Jo on Aug 27, 2017Gloss Black Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet 

I WISH I HAD BOUGHT ONE SOONER!  it's beautiful with a perfect finish. It's also a perfect match with the PMX goggles.



MASH MATTE BLACK JET Very comfortable, so good looking and good fitting!!  


Helena Esteban on Aug 27, 2017 - GREEN WHITE RED DAVIDA JET HELMET

FIRST TIME - First time I tried a Davida and the experiece was a Uauh! so fit comfortable and sexy ( I bought the White red star ;)


 Graham Wileman on Aug 27, 2017Davida 74 WRS Kit 

GREAT VALUE 74 WRS KIT -  Complete bargain without losing any of the Davida's quality.



FINALLY!After wanting a jet for years I finally bought one.Immediately the quality was evident, the cushioning leather lining is so comfortable and it feels like it was moulded to my head. Great


Julie Andrews on Aug 26, 2017Davida Leather Jacket - Women's

EXCELLENT JACKET - This is a beautifully tailored,great quality jacket.Good fit it just gets better the more I wear it.


Job Smeets on Aug 26, 2017Cosmic Flake Orange Davida Ninety 2 Helmet

HELMET WITH CLASS - This helmets feels great and looks like the helmets i saw when i was a teenager, worn by the guys you looked up to. Great quality as well.


Jeff Davies on Aug 25, 2017Davida Leather Jacket - Men's

MENS LEATHER JACKET. Jacket is very well made, fits perfect, design is perfect for bikers, i can honestly say its the best motorcycle jacket i have owned, 



BEAT EXPECTATIONS - It's very quiet and fits beautifully. :thumbsup:


Trevor Coates on Aug 25, 2017 - BLACK SILVER FLAMES DAVIDA JET HELMET - 

BEST OPEN FACE HELMET I’VE OWNED -A pleasure to use and to look at too. I love it


Bart on Aug 25, 2017 -Davida Black Leather Face Mask Universal Mk 2

FACEMASK - Fine product! 


Keith Harradence on Aug 26, 2017 -Gloss Black Davida Speedsterv3 Helme

GREAT LID - Purchased this a year ago. Well made, quiet for an open face and I must say the logo gets recognized by experienced riders.


Ian Morgan on Aug 25, 2017 -  BLACK SILVER FLAMES DAVIDA JET HELMET FABULOUS DAVIDA JET  I just can't fault my Davida Jet, its a great looking 'lid' lovely design and best of all its made in England, what more can you ask for.


Mike Lamb on Aug 25, 2017Matt Black Davida Jet Helmet

JET MATT BLACK HELMET  I can't recommend the Jet helmet highly enough


Simon Bennett on Aug 25, 2017 - Matt Black 2P Gloss Black Stripe Davida Ninety 2 Helmet WORDS CAN NOT DESCRIBE :-)  If it were a watch, it would be an Omega or Rolex in my opinion.


Simon Harrison on Aug 25, 2017MATT BLACK GLOSS BLACK DAVIDA JET HELMET - Never before has my head been cradled in such soft cushioned comfort...  Thank you Davida. I love it to bits.


Niels Mulder on Aug 25, 2017Silver Davida Classic Helmet

FANTASTIC HELMET -  I have received the best classic helmet in the world!  Nice Job!! Keep it up.


Stephen Belshaw on Aug 24, 2017Davida JPV Visors

SIMPLE, ELEGANT AND EFFECTIVE.  It has transformed my open face ride and given my Speedster helmet a new lease of life. In short, all the quality and functionality you would expect from Davida. Great product.


Michael Harvey on Aug 19, 2017Matt Black Davida Ninety 2 Helmet

DAVIDA 'NINETY 2' . Buy this and you will not be disappointed! You can now have state of the art helmet design & technology combined with looking uber cool. It's a no brainer! :blush::thumbsup


 Pete on Aug 18, 2017 - Silver Black Davida Ninety 2 Helmet 

AMAZING-I can highly recommend anyone to check this company out. They're products are great, service is great - and they're British. Fill yer boots!


Hans van Gorsel on Aug 16, 2017Black White Davida Ninety 2 Helmet I replaced my 11 year old Davida, yes too long, Thank you and keep up the good work ! Hans van Gorsel from the Netherlands


Jack Ng on Aug 10, 2017 - Silver Davida Classic Helmet 

IMPRESSED! Kicking myself for previously spending so much money buying other helmets!


 Paul Mason on Aug 07, 2017 -Magnum Grain Silver Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet  

A ONE OFF. Will definitely be trying the design your own route again, just got to find an excuse. Thanks Davida !


 Lyndon on Aug 01, 2017Leon Jeantet Aviator Retro Pilot T1 Goggles - Black Leather GREAT PRODUCT AND EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE - 


Lyndon on Aug 01, 2017 - Black Silver Davida Ninety 2 Helmet
COMFORT AND STYLE -   I have to say it's a great helmet. I'll certainly be buying another when the time comes. 


 geoffrey a. on Aug 01, 2017Leon Jeantet Aviator Pilot T2 Optical Goggles  - Brown Leather VERY GOOD - these are great, good ,perfect with the open face helmet  


Ian Crossett on Jul 31, 2017-Matt Black Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet

SO, THIS IS AN OPEN FACE HELMET!  In a word, FANTASTIC!! Go get one! Products like my Davida really do explain what makes British products GREAT! 


Peter D. on Jul 27, 2017Leon Jeantet Aviator Retro Pilot T Series Replacement Lens SUMMER LENSES FOR MY OLD AVIATORS! Service from Davida is much swifter and more user friendly than it used to be


Mike on Jul 27, 2017 -  GLOSS BLACK DAVIDA JET

This is the best open face i have ever had, quieter than my full face. Buy it.



NEW HELMET. First class service, and the helmet is very comfortable, quiet and well made. ....the best helmet I have worn.


Murray on Jul 19, 2017 SILVER, BLACK DAVIDA JET HELMET IN THE NORTH OF SCOTLAND Proud to wear this with the Union flag and made in England. Superb quality giving confidence! Thanks. Neill


Duncan McMorrin on Jul 19, 2017Davida 74 WRS Kit 

IN CONCLUSION, I CAN’T RECOMMEND THESE ENOUGH.  If you don’t need prescription lenses then £33 is a steal. If you do, £135 is a very decent price for what seem to be good quality goggles and nice lenses.


 Jason Wood on Jul 18, 2017Matt Black Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet

LOVE MY MATT BLACK DAVIDA - Love the small profile and comfortable fit of the XL Speedster, Having a XL sizing helmet with other brands helmets can look a bit big but my Davida feels quality, looks great, UK made and love it. Cheers


Didier on Jul 14, 2017- 80113 Cream Davida Jet Helmet  

FINEST & COMFORTABLE- I have a classic davida (jet/cream) since 2 years, you're make a good job, simply my most confortable helmet!


Rob Davis on Jul 13, 2017Davida Vacuum Gauges 

AN ESSENTIAL TOOL - I bought a twin set of Davida gauges in the early 1980s and in terms of usefulness and value for money, they have proved priceless.


Andy Taylor on Jul 13, 2017 - Davida Gloss Black Jet Helmet 

UK TO NZ MY JET CAME WITH ME! - I relocated to New Zealand earlier this year left my bonnie in storage but my Jet came with me! Now riding a Royal Enfield Classic over here and all I get asked is "hey mate were did you get that cool lid" proud to reply it's British, Top Quality and Mine! Thanks Davida 


Philip Laurell on Jul 10, 2017 - Cream Davida Speedster Helmet 

SUPERB HELMET- Quality and attention to detail is superb. I love them and will continue to buy Davida. - I love them.-Cheers, Phil from Sweden


Tomasz Rozanski on Jul 10, 2017 -Matt Black Gloss Black Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet  

Speedster V3 & Halcyon MK49 GogglePerfect couple! Very stylish and fits my Bonneville perfectly. Outstanding comfort and top class craftsmanship. Thanks a lot!


James S. on Jun 30, 2017Davida 74 WRS Kit Replacement Parts
Davida WRS Replacement Lenses - Pretty good -saves having to buy a new pair of goggles, the lens holders are quite rigid so over time hopefully they will become bit more flexible for even better fit over eyes


Eddie Talbot on Jun 28, 2017 -Black Gold PS Davida Ninety 2 Helmet
Unparalleled Open Face -  Can’t recommend this product enough, looking forward to the Holliday riding across the continent, Cant Wait. AXE


Francisco J. on Jun 26, 2017 - Black Leather Chin Strap Cover Kit for Davida Speedster v3 Helmet. Excellent experience, I'm very happy with the purchase


Karen W. on Jun 25, 2017Leon Jeantet Aviator Pilot T2 Optical Goggles  - Black Leather Comfort & functional- Very Comfortable. Work well with my helmet.


Graham Tweed on Jun 19, 2017Davida Helmet Half Sizing Kit

 Ninety Two Helmet- . Well worth the price,top quality.


Mark Little on Jun 19, 2017Magnum Grain Silver Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet 

 Best Helmet I've Ever Had ! Thanks for a great helmet. Worth every penny.


 Andri Arnarson on Jun 16, 2017 -Cream Davida Ninety 2 Helmet

So all in all I would recommend this helmet to anyone in the market for a open helmet with a low profile. It's definetly the smallest profile on the market.


 Stephen Burns on Jun 16, 201793105 - Matt Black Speedsterv3 Helmet -  

The quality is outstanding with a perfect finish. I use the small MX type goggles and find they fit perfectly.Steve


David Donegan on Jun 16, 2017 - Matt Black Davida Ninety 2 Helmet 

Ninety 2 Helmet -  Fits perfectly and looks great, I had tried on a lot of different brands in the past, but this is just spot on, ultra cool. Thank you very much.


steve Towers on Jun 14, 2017 - Matt Black Gloss Black Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet  

My second Davida .. you can't rush perfection, and communication from the factory has kept me updated all the way along....right I'm off out on my bike now!!


Alan Martin on Jun 13, 2017 -Gloss Black Davida Ninety 2 Helmet 

Jet 92 Part 2 !! - many thanks Davida. Still the best on the market!!!!!


Wim Bon on Jun 10, 2017 -Gloss Black Davida Ninety 2 Helmet 

Compare With Classic Jet - I have my Davida Classic Jet for 13 years to full satisfaction. I did not found a better helmet on the market. I still have to do a tryout on my bike but I know this is my helmet.


David Taylor on Jun 08, 2017Cream Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet   

A VERY BEAUTIFUL THING.  Go on, BUY ONE NOW...Your head deserves it !!


Menster Patrick on Jun 07, 2017Magnum Grain Silver Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet 

TOP HELMET. Received my helmet. All I can say :top craftmanship, top quality and top service.Thanks Patrick 


Brian Bradwell on Jun 02, 2017 - Davida JPV Visor BEST VISOR ON THE MARKET.  

Once again brilliant design and engineering by Davida.


 Brian Bradwell on Jun 02, 2017 - Cream ZNut Brown Leather Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet 

HEADS UP ! engineered for exceptional levels of safety, and built in Britain by hand to a superb standard - if your thinking of a jet helmet, forget the rest buy the best - Davida.  


Chris Tubman on May 26, 2017Matt Black Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet  

MY NEW SPEEDSTER. Owned a Speedster V3 for a couple of weeks now ....a great helmet.


Mike on May 21, 2017Cream ZNut Brown Leather Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet 

AMAZING- I am the proud owner of a brown and cream v3 with brown leather lining. Go out and buy one, you won't be disappointed.


 Allan Jolly on May 16, 2017Black Gold PS Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet  

BEYOND EXPECTATION- Just received my 92 TT in Black and Gold with T1 goggles - they look amazing. Quality and fit outstanding. Service is second to none. Thanks to Joe Kirkham in sales !


 Vincent Banterla on May 15, 201780227 - Matt Black, 2P Gloss Black Stripe Davida Jet Helmet A SENSE OF PRIDE. The all package put a smile on my face :)


 Christoph on May 10, 2017 - 80356 - Cosmic Flake Orange Davida Jet Helmet 

PERFECT FIT,  GREAT LOOK. This is my third Davida helmet. Thanks Davida for this great and good looking helmets.


 Mike on May 10, 2017Leon Jeantet Aviator Pilot T2 Optical Goggles  - Brown Leather Recommend these to anyone but suggest looking at a second summer lens.


 Colin Daye on May 09, 201792227 - Matt Black 2P Gloss Black Stripe Davida Ninety 2 Helmet BEST HELMET EVER.  a British company, so win, win


 Russell on May 04, 2017FACE MASK 

Perfect fit and great with open faced helmets. Wouldn't buy any other mask. Quick delivery too.


Neil Brookbanks on Apr 30, 2017MY DAVIDA JET HELMET I have had my Jet helmet for over 12 months now and it's been the best Helmet I've ever had. It's part of me. 


 Philip O. on Apr 28, 2017 - DAVIDA 92 Helmet-  

Davida are a very professional company and are very easy to deal with


Tim B on Apr 28, 2017 BRG WHITE JET HELMET- Got my helmet at Stafford show well worth getting help with fit. Great finish and very comfortable, best helmet I have owned.


 Glyn Collins on Apr 23, 2017- JET - Quality! Like sticking your head in a Bentley! Fits beautifully and comfortable all day long. My second Davida and no doubt there'll be more.


Neil M. on Apr 27, 2017 GREAT GOGGLES GREAT VALUE-  

for the price are a fantastic purchase. The service from Davida was first class.

Ronnie Pedersen on Apr 22, 2017CLASSIC LOOK, MODERN QUALITY. 

These Leon Jeantet Aviator Pilot T2 is absolutely brilliant


Ronnie Pedersen on Apr 21, 2017STUNNING QUALITY- I just received my Davida DGR 2015 Laurel Davida Jet Helmet, and im in Awe 


Brigitte v. on Apr 21, 2017- INDISPENSABLE MASQUE- Ce masque est parfait, il protège très efficacement contre le froid, je respire très bien par les aérations, il est esthetique, sa forme ergonomique épouse très bien le visage... Il est vraiment idéal!!! Si il existait dans toutes les couleurs je les acheterais toutes!!!



I'm very impressed and will recommend to others 


Allan Worthington on Apr 19, 2017 -  Davida GOV Visors

BRILLIANT ! .Why didn't I buy this in the 1st place, hmmmmm!!!


 Mr Andrew Allcock on Apr 11, 2017Aviator Retro Pilot T1 Goggles - Black Leather 



 Craig Aldred on Apr 06, 2017DAVIDA MENS LEATHER JACKET Just received my Davida leather Jacket, really impressed with the fit and the quality of leather. No breaking the jacket in which is great. Looking forward to wearing it on my café racer!!



Davida - making British products that Britons can be proud to wear.


Karl Williams on Apr 04, 2017 - Davida JPV Visors 



 Karl Williams on Apr 04, 2017 - Cosmic Candy Silver Davida Jet Helmet



 Andrew P Smith on Mar 22, 2017 -Black White Check Davida Speedsterv3 Helmet- SPEEDSTER V3 WITH BROWN LEATHER LINER . Looking for the bespoke retro look to match a bike as individual as you are. 


Damien P. on Mar 22, 2017 DAVIDA 74 WRS KIT REPLACEMENT PARTS - 

Simple and easy to set up, good quality.


 Mork on Mar 20, 2017-White Red Star Davida Ninety 2 Helmet 



 Adrian W. on Mar 20, 2017Black White Davida Ninety 2 Helmet 

92- I hate wearing anything on my head - my helmet is incredibly comfortable!


 Martin H. on Mar 20, 2017 -  Davida GOV Visors 

GREAT VISOR - The GOV visor looks really cool either up or down. 


Eduardo Pazikas on Mar 19, 2017 - Mashed Green Davida Speedster Helmet 



Alan Witty on Mar 14, 2017 Cream Brown Leather Davida Ninety 2 Helmet 



Mick Garcia on Mar 04, 2017DAVIDA SPEEDSTER V3 
Just received my Matt/Gloss Black Speedster v3 helmet.......awesome!! 


 Rich Rumble on Mar 03, 2017 - Silver Black Davida Speesterv3 Helmet 



 Mike Casey on Mar 02, 2017Black White Check Davida Jet Helmet



Ian Kerr MBE Eng.Tech CAE on Feb 27, 2017 -  80200 - Silver, Black Davida Jet Helmet 



Keith on Feb 25, 2017 -  92220 - Black Silver Davida Ninety 2 Helmet


 Joey Fontane on Feb 23, 2017Gloss Black Davida Ninety 2 Helmet 

GOOD STUFF..! Not very often I'd bother to write a review but here we have something worth talking about.


 Stephen P. on Feb 22, 2017 - Davida JPV Visors




My overall experience with Davida was excellent.


 Paul Crowhurst on Feb 21, 2017 - Silver Mono UJ Sides Davida Speedster v3 Helmet  



Martin Haskell on Feb 20, 2017 - Davida JPV Visors.