Davida Classic Helmet
The Davida Classic retains all the original design features of the 1950's low dome racing helmet. Neat and compact in design, it is a product of exceptional quality. It is an authentic example of the first helmets especially manufactured for motorcycle racing and in which some of the greatest classic bike racers became world champions.
MADE BY DAVIDA IN ENGLAND to the same exacting quality manufacturing standards to which all Davida helmets are made, The Davida Classic Helmet does not conform to any current helmet safety standards.
Davida are now the sole UK manufacturers of open face motorcycle helmets. We are proud that, unlike most modern creations, these open face motorcycle helmets are still hand-built in England using the best quality materials available ..read more
When we launched our first helmet, The Davida Classic, in the early 1980's it was a shock to many in the industry who had at that stage abandoned the production of 'old school' open face helmets in favour of full face helmets. However for the many vintage and classic bike riders of the time, The Davida Classic was warmly welcomed.


Tradition and Authenticity 

In its design, in the choice of  its materials and construction techniques, Davida set out to create a product of exceptional quality and an authentic example of the low dome racing helmet originally manufactured in the 1950's & 60's. It makes only one concession to modernity. The Davida Classic is made using a fibreglass shell instead of the papier mache shell used in the original low dome racing helmet.

Designed To Fit


Overall Size & Weight Kept To An Absolute Minimum

In keeping with the traditional format, the Davida Classic uses 3 shell sizes to create three helmet sizes, Small, Medium & Large.  The smaller your head size the smaller the shell size and keeping the overall weight & size of the Classic to an absolute minimum.

The Classic is a highly compact helmet, equivalent in size & shape & weight of the original 1950's & 60's low dome racing helmets and as an authentic replica does not conform to any current helmet safety standards.

Classic Profile

As with all our helmets, the initial Classic shell model has been finely sculptured by hand, using chauvant clay and time honoured modelling techniques. 

We paid very particular attention to the shell shape to ensure it retained all the authentic classic lines and profile of the original low dome racing helmet. 


Traditional Interior 

Quality Materials & Manufacturing Techniques

 The entire inner surface of the shell is lined with cork before the leather lined,  two tier cotton webbed harness and the leather neck curtain is lock stitched to the full circumference of the shell.

Leather Neck Curtain

A highly intricate piece, the quilted leather neck curtain is finely tailored to ensure it follows the natural contours of the nape and fits neatly against the skin. It includes every small detail of the original low dome racing helmet; with studed ear flaps, goggle strap retainer, brushed cotton lining and double D ring

Supremely Luxurious Comfort

More than 1 sq metre of the finest grade aniline dyed leather is used to create the supremely comfortable and luxurious quilted leather neck curtain. Only aniline dyed leather holds fast its colour, guaranteed not fade in the sun or bleed when wet. 

Longevity - The Devil Is In The Detail

We meet many customers out on the road and at shows with their Davida helmets and we find it highly satisfying to see how good our helmets look and perform after 20 years of regular use. The leather interiors are still beautiful.

There are many reasons why the Davida helmet can achieve such longevity..

The Size

The size of the Davida helmet on the first day of use will be the same for the duration of its lifespan.

Using shells and two tier cotton webbed harness which are proportional to each head size means the fully leather lined interior plays only a small role in creating the overall size of any Davida helmet. The interior is designed to have just enough foam padding to give the helmet its superior level of comfort. This design ensures the interior cannot 'crush down'. Being leather it will not degrade with time. Consequently The Davida helmet will not become noticeably bigger with use

With use, the fully leather-lined interior will 'bed in' slightly, subtly changing to follow the fine contours of your head and thus becoming even more comfortable with age.

In comparison, some helmets can be made using only one helmet shell size, with the various different sizes being created by thickening the interior comfort padding. With frequent use, the thick interior padding crushes down and, as the interior space inevitably becomes larger, a gap between the interior and the head will develop. Eventually the helmet becomes too big and the wearer will experience an increased level of wind noise and will feel the helmet lift and move at speed.


Fibreglass Shell

All Davida helmet shells are made using a fibreglass composite which does not have a limited lifespan due to UV degradation which occurs with polycarbonate helmet shells 

Double D Ring

The simplicity of the webbed strap being looped through a traditional Double D ring fastener, may take some a little practice to master, but it is a superior option to the ' buckle belt' where moving parts or mechanisms may fail after time.


Every raw fibreglass helmet shell must undergo a meticulous process of preparation to ensure an absolutely perfect base is created prior to painting. It is then hand masked and hand sprayed to the highest standard. Some complex designs with multiple colours requires the helmet to follow the hand masking and hand painting process more than three or four times.

Finally, when our paintshop is a 150% happy, the finished paintwork is thoroughly buffed with ultra fine paper prior to applying a generous layer of gloss or matt lacquer.

At this stage the paintwork it then polished.

 Confidence In the Integrity of Davida

Yes, Davida helmets are aesthetically very pleasing, they're beautifully put together, and as is widely known, have a world-wide reputation for being a far superior-fitting helmet that can deliver a supreme level of comfort & unrivalled performance, eliminating lift at speed & ensuring an exceptionally quiet ride.

There are numerous reasons why you can be truly confident in the integrity of your Davida helmet.

ISO 9001 Accredited Company

Davida is an ISO 9001 accredited company, so every process of the helmet’s birth is followed, logged and audited. Made to exacting standards, each stage of the manufacturing process receives meticulous attention to detail.

From the production of each and every helmet component, all the way through to the delivery of your helmet to your door; every action and process within  Davida UK is tracked and monitored on a daily basis according to the ISO 9001 regulations.

In addition, an authorised and independent ISO 9001 expert regularly undertakes inspections at our factory to ensure everything that happens here within Davida UK exactly follows and meets the ISO 9001 requirements.

Being a ISO 9001 accredited company is not required by UK or European law, but a voluntary discipline Davida have chosen to work to.  It gives us, as the manufacturer, and you as the customer wearing our helmets, the reassurance that every Davida helmet we produce is a product of exceptional quality, giving both you and us the confidence that every Davida helmet is manufactured to the exacting standards expected from a UK company.

Davida stand confident and are proud of the integrity of each and every high quality helmet we produce here in the UK.