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by Davida on November 12, 2012

The Facebook phenomena…following our previous article about Rollerball actor, Robert Dancel, we have now been contacted by Eddie Kubo , another member of the Rollerball Tokyo Team… As Gary Inman said ” That is brilliant. Film inspires British fanzine to do event, event inspires British helmet manufacturer, star of film wants helmet. Amazing.” G.

It got me thinking about Sideburns Rollerburn in 2011, almost a year ago to the date, its inspiration and some of the people who came.

Since they arrived on the scene in 2010, we have admired the beautiful videos and bikes produced by Fred and Hugo of Das Blitz Motorcycles. When most of Rollerburns London-based audience turned up in cars, Fred rode it all the way on his classic bike in late November.

Fred ( Blitz) riding home from Rollerburn on 2011.11.09., very late, very cold, virtually zero visibility. © Fid.TheLid

Here he is wearing our Speedster, leaving Rollerburn, in thick freezing fog,  heading back, gone midnight, very dark, very cold and with virtually zero visibility.

© Francois Coquerel

This image was taken by Francois Coquerel for an article called ‘ Bespoke Wheels, written about Blitz by Tim Murphy for the Wall Street Journal, 2012.09.27.

A quick search and I found this image by Francois Coquerel and a Wall Street Journal article  about Das Blitz by Tim Murphy, ‘ Bespoke Wheels ‘2012.09.27.

Motorcycling is richer and more satisfying when it inspires riders into the ‘we do as you do’ culture, and when driven by our own needs as motorcyclist we evolve into a small companies who make beautiful things that motorcycling needs.

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