Stop The Sock Rot – Davida Top 10 Motorcycling Christmas Gift Campaign

by Davida on November 08, 2013

2096-1024Davida are determined to ‘Stop The Sock Rot’ this Christmas and urge you to get a list together of the top 10 motorcycle Christmas gifts that YOU REALLY WANT this year. You could just write a letter to Santa, but better still you can leave your list of the top 10 Christmas gifts for motorcyclists lying around in the house, then again you could add the relevant Davida website page to your favourites or why not ask us to email you the product details so it can be found in your inbox !

Driven by our needs as motorcyclists, all our products are road tested by us so you can be sure they are the best you can buy. If you’ve been out and about on your bike this year and your goggles and sunglasses need freshening up, then don’t forget we stock all the replacement parts to give them a second lease of life.

Motorcycling Christmas Gifts for Under £20 (ex VAT + UK RRP)*

Even the kids can treat you to a new set of lenses for your D4Vi9A WRS or Super Nylsun sunglasses, a new strap for your Halcyon or Pilot T1 goggles, or even a new snazzy peak for your helmet – all between £5-£20. At the very least a Davida T-Shirt for less than £16 will get more use than another one from the highstreet.

PaulsonPeak-72501 DavidaT-Shirt WRSReplacementLens

Motorcycling Christmas Gifts for Under £55 (ex VAT + UK RRP)*

If your family are feeling more generous then for under £30 they could set you up nicely for next spring with a new pair of WRS or Aviator Super Nylsun aerodynamic sunglasses. Have you scratched the lenses on your Aviator Pilot goggles ? Replacement lenses will set your Mother-in-law back just £23.70.

D4WRSKit BHV Visor-64011AviatorSuperNylsunKit

If you already have a helmet with studs and in-laws with slightly deeper pockets our range of BHV visors start at £38.61 and will fit most brands of open face helmets.

Both our D4Vi9A Summer Shorty Gloves (£34.15) and the exquisite Racer Glove (£43.78)have proved a popular Christmas gift for motorcyclists.

D4ShortyGlove-450201 D4RacerGlove-450301D4JPVVisor

Just because you don’t have studs on your helmet doesn’t mean you can’t have a visor. The D4Vi9A JPV Visor has an elasticated head band and fits onto the helmet just like a pair of goggles. It could revolutionise your riding experience. At £55.16 the JPV Visor is an excellent choice for the open face rider who needs extra protection during the winter months, or open face enthusiasts who have never found a satisfactory goggle solution, or for those of us who wear spectacles.

Motorcycling Christmas Gifts for Under £100 (ex VAT + UK RRP)*

As a rider in the colder months, our D4Vi9A winter Glove at £61.28 will put a smile on your face on the morning of December 25th.

D4WinterGlove-450501 AviatorPilotGogglesAviatotPilotReplacementLens

For the motorcyclist in the family who tinkers in the workshop or garage for hours on end then you can get rid of them for longer with a set of our legendary Vacuum Gauges which start at £56.91.

Oozing with quality and starting at £87.50, the ever popular Aviator Pilot Goggles have been especially designed to give a superb fit with Davida helmets. They are the very best goggles you can have for the open face rider.

Motorcycling Christmas Gifts for Under £250 (ex VAT + UK RRP)*

If your loved ones have an extra special treat in mind, they could all club together and you can have your choice of any Davida helmet in any colourway from our range. Davida Jet and Ninety2 start at £255 for a single colour through to £285 for a complex design, (no VAT chargeable on Davida Ninety2 or Jet). Davida Speedster and Classic start at £212.50 for one colour through to £237.50 for complex designs. All Davida helmets are MADE IN ENGLAND by us at our factory on the Wirral and are fantastic value for money.

Davida Jet Helmet Davida Leathers DavidaClassicHelmet

The Davida Leather Jacket costs £232.01 and Jeans are £144.46, and are both as classic and simple as it possible for leathers to be, no exterior labels or fussy extras.

 * Carriage charges apply and will vary depending on the product purchased and on your location.



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