Davida Ninety 2 Helmet

Davida's fully leather lined helmets are ergonomically designed to fit right & perform well on the road.

The Ninety 2 is a highly compact helmet, equivalent in size & shape of the original 1970's helmets.  Highly evocative of the first jet-style helmets ever made for motorcycling in the 1970's, it's the perfect combination of a small profile shell which is also a road legal helmet, the Davida Ninety 2 is manufactured to the highest quality control required by British Safety Standard certification  BS 6658. 1985 Type B


Retaining all the key traditional design features it benefits from elements of Davida's unique CLOSE FIT ergonomic technology & design process & from our well known reputation for comfortable, quality, hand built helmets using modern materials.

Benefiting from the our 30 years experience in creating superior quality open-face helmets, our lightweight, low-profile Ninety 2 helmet has now been significantly improved since its introduction.

A fully quilted, leather lined interior combined with the traditional styling of small profile helmets has produced a modern road-legal safety product that has a profile no larger than it absolutely needs to be.

The Ninety 2  has a  removable & interchangeable leather interior liner. After market Liner Kits are available to replace an existing liner or to customise your helmet by changing  the colour of the leather lining.

Whether to match your bike, riding gear or simply to express more individuality, you can customise & further enhance your Ninety Two Helmet .

The improved interior-liner design delivers a new level of helmet personalisation with the ability to retro fit 3 different colours of interior leather liners. 

Changing the colour of the leather lining is a simple but spectacular way to customise your helmet.  Our online demonstration video shows clearly and easily how this is done at home by yourself.

 Leather Chin Strap Cover Kits are also available in all the 3 different colours.

Davida are now the sole UK manufacturers of open face motorcycle helmets. We are proud that, unlike most modern creations, these open face motorcycle helmets are still hand-built in England using the best quality materials available ..read more

Tradition and Technology
In the 1980's, when the vast majority had abandoned the production of 'old school' open face helmets in favour of full face helmets, Davida chose to begin its ground breaking & innovative design process to introduce a new style of modern safety helmet which combined tradition and technology.

Designed To Fit

Davida developed a unique design process to produce an open face helmet with superior fitting. Our use of extensive human head data has enabled us to produce helmets that are proportional to head size.


The Most Efficient Weight and Size Possible.

The Ninety 2 comes in three shell sizes and six helmet sizes meaning the shell size is proportional to your head size. The smallest shell is used to create the Extra Small & Small, the medium shell to make the Medium & Large and the largest shell to make the XL & XXL. Within these different shells we use a size specific EPS liner and different thicknesses of interior padding behind the leather to create each separate size. 

Classic Profile

As with all Davida helmets time honoured modelling techniques are used to finely sculpture the initial shell shell model. The Ninety 2 shell shape keeps all the authentic classic lines but with the benefit of Davida's ergonomic design process to improve functionality.

We paid very particular attention to the shell shape to ensure it retained all the authentic classic lines, but with a few contemporary twists to achieve a modern levels of functionality.


Close Fit

The unique shape of the Ninety 2 fibreglass shell and liner is designed to closely follow the natural shape of the head; the helmet width around the ears is slightly narrower at the temples to prevent lift at speed and give a satisfyingly quiet ride. This close fit means there is a unique way to put on and take off a Davida Ninety 2 ...read more

Traditional Interior

Authentic in design to the retro 70's helmet, the interior is kept simple & traditional, using just enough leather lined padding to obtain a comfortable fit & quiet ride. More than 1 sq metre of the finest grade aniline dyed leather is used to create a traditional fully leather lined interior. Only aniline dyed leather holds fast its colour, guaranteed not fade in the sun or bleed when wet. The fully leather-lined interior is finished with a pure satin crown for a superb level of comfort. 

Supremely Luxurious Comfort

More than 1 sq metre of the finest grade aniline dyed leather is used to create the supremely comfortable and luxurious quilted leather lined interior of every Ninety 2 helmet. Only aniline dyed leather holds fast its colour, guaranteed not fade in the sun or bleed when wet. The fully leather-lined interior is finished with a pure satin crown for a superb level of comfort.

 Quality Materials & Manufacturing Techniques

The chin strap and goggle retainer is made from the same high quality leather and are both secured to helmet shell using studs, not glued. All Davida helmets are made with a goggle strap retainer.

Davida believe you should have the option to choose whether to have studs for peaks and visors on your helmet. 5 studs are therefore a free optional extra you can choose to include on your helmet at the point of ordering. Studs cannot be retro-fitted to the helmet.

Longevity - The Devil Is In The Detail

We meet many customers out on the road and at shows with their Davida helmets and we find it highly satisfying to see how good our helmets look and perform after 20 years of regular use. The leather interiors are still beautiful.

There are many reasons why the Davida helmet can achieve such longevity... 

The Size

The size of the Davida helmet on the first day of use will be the same for the duration of its lifespan.

Using shells and liners which are proportional to each head size means the fully leather lined interior plays only a small role in creating the overall size of any Davida helmet. The interior is designed to have just enough foam padding behind the luxurious leather to give the helmet its superior level of comfort. This design ensures the interior cannot 'crush down'. Being leather it will not degrade with time. Consequently The Davida helmet will not become noticeably bigger with use

With use, the fully leather-lined interior will 'bed in' slightly, subtly changing to follow the fine contours of your head and thus becoming even more comfortable with age.

In comparison, some helmets can be made using only one helmet shell size, with the various different sizes being created by thickening the interior comfort padding. With frequent use, the thick interior padding crushes down and, as the interior space inevitably becomes larger, a gap between the interior and the head will develop. Eventually the helmet becomes too big and the wearer will experience an increased level of wind noise and will feel the helmet lift and move at speed.

Wearing a correctly sized helmet, that is, one which does not move or rotate on the head, is more than just about comfort as it plays a significant role in its effectiveness to offer protection in the event of an impact.


Fibreglass Shell

All Davida helmet shells are made using a fibreglass composite which does not have a limited lifespan due to UV degradation which occurs with polycarbonate helmet shells 

Double D Ring

The simplicity of the webbed strap being looped through a traditional Double D ring fastener, may take some a little practice to master, but it is a superior option to the ' buckle belt' where moving parts or mechanisms may fail after time.


Every raw fibreglass helmet shell must undergo a meticulous process of preparation to ensure an absolutely perfect base is created prior to painting. It is then hand masked and hand sprayed to the highest standard. Some complex designs with multiple colours requires the helmet to follow the hand masking and hand painting process more than three or four times.

Finally, when our paintshop is a 150% happy, the finished paintwork is thoroughly buffed with ultra fine paper prior to applying a generous layer of gloss or matt lacquer.

At this stage the paintwork it then polished.

 Confidence In the Integrity of Davida

Yes, Davida helmets are aesthetically very pleasing, they're beautifully put together, and as is widely known, have a world-wide reputation for being a far superior-fitting helmet that can deliver a supreme level of comfort & unrivalled performance, eliminating lift at speed & ensuring an exceptionally quiet ride.

For all of this though, Davida Jet and Ninety 2 helmets are at the end of the day a safety product, designed to be highly effective in their primary function of protection.

There are numerous reasons why you can be truly confident in the integrity of your Davida helmet and that they are more than capable of giving you the level of protection on the road required by the Safety Certifications they carry. ..read more