Sideburn Magazine Declares - "Davida Is A National Treasure"

par Sharon Underhill sur October 20, 2016


Sideburn Magazine Declares - "Davida Is A National Treasure".

Sideburn Editor, Gary Inman, visits Davida factory and created this 6 page article of the company and its helmets.

"Trailblazers, revivers, survivors, Davida are true one-offs. They should be treasured"

"Davida are a British motorcycle institution....morphed from a company making heritage-style products into a British heritage brand ... virtually all staff has worked for Davida for a decade, often two or three times as long.Many have spent their whole working life there.... the process of making a helmet is so labour intensive, so in-depth, so regimented by.. laws,'s hard to believe it still goes on in England....


"Little workshops might be the current vogue in motorcycling but helmets need to be made in factories "

"In 1992...  the (Davida ) Classic Jet took off quickly because there was nothing like it. There were open face helmets but were horrible plastic things with cheap foam linings. The style and quality of the ( Davida) products and the classy, chic,sometimes sexy imagery in Davida adverts..helped reinvigorate classic biking "

"Keeping helmet art alive has been a mission of theirs since 1998...they became the first manufacturer to be commissioned by the Hailwood family to reproduce Mike's iconic 'For The Love Of Sport' design... Each helmet passes through ten pairs of hands during its production..Davida have changed and led style for many types of riders...they've kept a business going through thick and thinnest of thins..whilst not screwing anyone over, and made products they were proud to wear. Davida are a national treasure. "