Davida Supports Motorcycle Outreach

par dev sur December 06, 2007

At the recent NEC Show, Davida donated a Jet Helmet to the winner of the Motorcycle Outreach raffle. The winner is Danny from Cissbury Leathers.

Motorcycle Outreach is a registered charity which takes forward the vision of humanitarian motorcyclist Simon Milward, who whilst on a solo journey around the world on his bike, discovered a need for mobile health services for poor people living in remote villages in developing countries.

Effective health care in remote regions depends on heath care workers with transport. As well providing health care workers with motorbikes and training to ride them support also includes a educational health programme. First providing support in Indonesia in 2001, Simon spent the next five years to mobilising and raising funds from across the world to develop a global network of sustainable healthcare logistics in developing countries. Motorcycle Outreach still exist today and works closely with Riders for Health

Unfortunately Simon Milward passed away following an accident on the afternoon of the 4th of March 2005 near the city of Kayes, Mali, West Africa.

http://www.motorcycleoutreach.org is continued today by his family and friends 

A record of Simon’s motorcycle adventures remain online at http://www.millennium-ride.com to inspire, to inform, to reconise what he has achieved

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