Davida Moto Photo at Stockholm ton Up and Rumble Hell Night

par dev sur May 20, 2009


The Davida Moto Photo exhibition has accepted the invitation to be part of this year’s Stockholm Rumble & Ton-up Hell Night, May 23rd 2009.

The eclectic range of motorcycling related photographs that constitutes Davida Moto Photo was first exhibited in Liverpool last year and its popularity has steadily grown through its accompanying website. http://www.davidamotophoto.com

“It was always our intention to tour this exhibition in unconventional environments said Davida M.D., David Fiddaman. “Moto Photo was a great success last year and we think it will make the perfect accompaniment to the Ton-Up event with its exciting line up of bikes and music.”

The Ton-Up Club will display some of Stockholm’s best Brit Iron during the day, followed by a party in the evening. As well as the Davida Moto Photo exhibition, ‘Hell Night’ will feature top Rockabilly bands ‘The GoGetters ‘ and ‘ The Astrolites’  as well as DJ’s and ‘Bikorama’ -a bike & video installation. .

Go tohttp://www.tonupstockholm.comfor all entry information and the schedule for the day and evening.

Hornstulls Strand Etablissement AB

Hornstulls Strand 4


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