Petrol Circus,1-3rd Feb 2013, Helsinki, Finland

par Davida sur January 31, 2013
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Some things you may see in Finland this weekend at Petrol Circus.
Check out Mala’s, Kopteri Magazine.
See our Davida open face helmets on Moto Guzzi touring club stand.
Wear your woollies if you go and maybe even walk on the sea if it is iced over. Things going on Saturday night, including Petrol Circus After Dark at Pressa ( Sokos Hotel Presidentti) . You will find Davida at the show.
Petrol Circus Show hosted by Andy from Flying Choppers who took his whole workshop in 2008 and built a chopper over the weekend. 
It’s all good and extreme, it’s the weather and those long winters!      
Photos Fid The Lid Petrol Circus 2012 Helsinki Finland   
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