November Davida Competition

par Davida sur November 03, 2013

This month our competition prize is – anything you want from our range of products…. you can choose any one item from our product range, so whether you’re up for a Davida helmet or leather jeans, leather jacket, goggles, gloves or even a set of vacuum gauges. As usual,  just sign up to our newsletter and you’ll receive this months question.

If you’re not sure what you want you can always come and see us in Birmingham, try things on and ask questions at the NEC Motorcycle Live Show 23rd November – 1st December 2013. NEC Motorcycle Live is also running a competition to win a Davida helmet.

In addition our monthly newsletter contains exclusive images from our Davida MotoPhoto Exhibition that have never been released on the web. Ever since motorcycle were invented riders  pursued speed but only those determined to be the winner become racers.  

In the November Newsletter we’re featuring another image from Mortons Archive of Bert Denly, a Norton and AJS Works Racer from the 1920’s and a true  ’speed junkie’ .

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