Davida Go Classic Bike Racing With Lansdowne Classic Series

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Lansdowne Cup Series

Davida Go Classic Bike Racing With Lansdowne Classic  Series At Donington Classic Bike Festival 8th -10th August, followed by IOM Classic TT on 22nd-25th August, IOM Manx GP  27th-29th August and then Goodwood Revival on 12-14th September 2014.

If you like classic bike racing then late summer in the UK is when you make sure you get your yearly fix of the truely inspiring sights and sounds of classic bike racing, starting with the 6th Round of Lansdowne Classic  Series at the Donington Classic Bike Festival, Derby, 8th-10th August.

Unlike the majority of racing events where spectators are kept separate from the paddock, at Lansdowne Classic Series you’re free to roam the paddock and get close to all the historic racing machines and be immersed in the raucous cacophony of roaring engines during pre-race warm-ups. As always at Donington Classic Bike Festival, pre 60’s bikes racing in the Lansdowne Classic Series will be joined on the track by more than 60 important race machines, including the most exotic, the Honda 6 cylinder.

CRMC Lansdowne Cup Series

click here to here the engine sound – like F1

Guest Racer this year is Suzuki Legend, Kevin Schwantz. Entry tickets are £25 for the 3 days or £12 for one day. Camping is available over the weekend on site.

The Lansdowne Classic Series is a unique and ‘pure’ classic bike racing experience that’s as competitive and exciting as any racing past or present. Competing for The Lansdowne Cup include some of the most successful TT competitors such as Charlie Williams with nine IOM TT victories and IOM TT Ace, Bill Swallow.

Charlie Williams CRMC Lansdowne Cup Series

“I’d forgotten the freedom given by a jet style helmet, especially one as comfortable, quiet and as well constructed as My Davida – and all hand made in England by English craftsmen. An all English designed and manufactured helmet, exuding quality, I love my Davida ” Charlie Williams

Racing hard and successfully against such experienced competition are lifelong enthusiasts; Ian Bain, thirty times British Historic Championship winner and winner of the 2010 Goodwood Revival,  Duncan Fitchett, Four times Lansdowne British Championship winner & four times Goodwood Revival Winner and Patrick Walker, a Lansdowne Series regular and occasional road racer.

Ian Bain CRMC Lansdowne Cup Series

“My Davida Jet, like my Manx Norton, built to last, fits like a glove ” – Ian Bain

Duncan Fitchett CRMC Lansdowne Cup Series

“My senses are better with an open face helmet…..You can taste and smell the rain even before it arrives ! ” – Duncan Fitchett

Patrick Walker CRMC Lansdowne Cup Series

” My Davida Jet is beautifully put together and a joy to wear. From every aspect it’s an iconic classic design and a piece of British attitude “. – Patrick Walker

Equally important are racers,  Sam Rhodes, the 2013 500cc Lansdowne Champion and 2013 CRMC Classic 250cc Singles Champion, Joop Van de Pool, both young contenders who will keep this wonderfully real passion alive and keep these exotic & visceral machines where they belong,  racing for the next generation.

Sam Rhodes CRMC Lansdowne Cup Series

“The Davida Jet, it really does fit very well. Classic British Style with modern British Technology “- Sam Rhodes

Joop Van de Pool CRMC Lansdowne Cup Series

“My first experience on an English Bike amazed me. The style , the sound and the feel. My Davida helmet makes me relive that moment I first got on an English Bike ” – Joop Van de Pool

Passionate about classic bike racing, we believe it is vitally important to support and celebrate our racing heritage. Since Ferry Brouwer’s Centennial TT at Assen in 1996 it’s been a mission of ours to keep race track helmet art alive and begun with the Davida Racing Series – featuring the racing design of 17 World Champions from the 50’s & 60’s.

Jasmin, Pembrey CRMC Lansdowne Cup Series

Jasmine wearing the racing design of Ray Pickrell – one of the 17 World Champion designs in the Davida Racing Series

In 2001 Davida became the first manufacturer to be commissioned by the Hailwood Family to reproduce Mike’s iconic ‘For The Love of Sport’ helmet design on our helmets.

Mike Hailwood Racing Design ‘For The Love of Sport’

The following year we re-created the original racing design of the Ducati Works Riders competing in the 1950’s Motogiro ‘d’ Italia such as Leopoldo Tartarini, Remo Venturi and Guilliano Maoggi.

CRMC Lansdowne Cup Series

The ‘famous’ image of 125cc Ducati Works Rider, Guilliano Maoggi in the MotoGiro ‘d’ Italia in the 1950’s.

CRMC Lansdowne Cup Series

125ccc Ducati Works Rider Racing Design Motogiro d’ Italia 1950’s

CRMC Lansdowne Cup Series

125ccc Ducati Works Rider Racing Design Motogiro d’ Italia 1950’s

Over the past decade, our ACU Gold Davida Jet has carried the racing colours of a variety of classic bike racers, such as Bill Swallow, who prefer the Davida Jet, open face experience. 1st in the IOM Classic Manx GP on a 350cc Honda in 1986, Bill has since won 8 more and is the race record holder in the 350cc class. He is still the fastest ever on the IOM TT Course on a 250, 350 and 500cc single cylinder bikes.

Bill Swallow CRMC Lansdowne Cup Series

” I always reckoned I rode harder in an open face and goggles – you can get your head down. My Davida Jet is so comfortable, more flexible… the lightness and mobility of the Davida Jet and goggle combination allows me to get around the bends faster ” – Bill Swallow

Go Classic Bike Racing with Lansdowne Classic Series at Donington Park, Derby, DE74 2PP, this weekend, 8-10th August 2014.


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